Friday, February 18, 2022

Taiwan is China's Confederacy. They left the abusive "Union", but the political criminals of that former union refuse to accept the divorce and will probably end up killing a huge number of their own kin to overthrow the results of that election and force them back in. I imagine that's how the US will react once Texas leaves.


"If you could only have one X, which would you choose?" One what? 
This is a question I see posed a lot about a wide variety of topics and things, from knives and guns to shoes and vehicles.

I don't let myself get painted into such corners very often. I understand that it would always depend on the specific situation. 

Where in the world do I find myself when this choice is forced on me?
What are the circumstances?
How much warning will there be?
What is available, both for me to choose from and in the world outside?
What season of the year is it?
How long is the situation likely to last? Days, months, or forever?  
What physical condition am I in?

All of those factors will affect my choice on everything.

This is why my bugout bag is too heavy. Depending on the specific circumstances I intend to discard things I'm not likely to need this time; caching them for later, if possible.

It's also why I EDC. If I don't have the opportunity to choose my "only one", I am at least carrying something useful for any situation I find thrust upon me. And I also know skills beat stuff.


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