Monday, March 25, 2024

A tale of two murders

Last week a NM state police officer in this area was shot and killed after stopping to help a guy with a flat tire. It was a clear case of murder. 

However, the bootlickers are out in force over it in such a way that my sympathies have been negated.

It's not as bad, to me, when a cop is murdered "in the line of duty" as it is when a regular person is murdered while minding his own business. Yet, we are trained and encouraged to treat this as worse than when a regular person is murdered. That's upside down.

Good people wouldn't accept a "job" requiring them to place themselves in contact with people who have good reason to believe this contact might be a credible threat to their life, liberty, and property-- even if that's not the cop's intention at the moment.

That is what a cop's illegitimate "job" revolves around. Because of the nature of their "job", encountering people who feel justifiably threatened by their approach is something they either need to accept, or they need to quit and find an honest job.

I'm much more bothered by the innocent man brutally murdered in Little Rock, Arkansas by local cops and BATFEces thugs for doing things he had a natural human right to do, in spite of government's illegal "rules" regulating it. That's where my sympathy lies, not with a state employee who, even though he probably didn't do anything in the moment to deserve to be shot, was still part of the problem.

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