Saturday, November 05, 2022

Government supremacists sabotage liberty

I've written about this before, but I keep seeing more and more people making these dumb arguments, so I guess my work isn't done.

Defunding (on the road to abolishing) the police is the right thing to do. Yes, really. 

However... the places most likely to defund the police are also the places most likely to violate the natural human right to own and to carry weapons without permission, and most likely to criminalize defending life, liberty, and property with those effective weapons. They planned to fail.

It is stupid beyond measure to defund the police and then use counterfeit rules to empower criminals to make it appear that police are necessary.

If crime increases after the Blue Line Gang has been reined in a little, it doesn't mean you need police; it means you need to be responsible for your own defense. Any political criminals trying to prevent you from doing so are a big part of the problem. It doesn't mean you shouldn't defund the police, it means they sabotaged the plan. It wouldn't surprise me if police, with the support of police unions, are a source of at least a significant chunk of the additional crime, just to show the serfs "why they need us".

It's the same sort of nonsense you'll hear from borderists who say you can't have "open borders" and a welfare system. They are right, but the correct, ethical solution is to get rid of the socialism problem-- welfare-- not to allow government to enforce socialized immigration controls until they decide to get rid of the socialized welfare (which they never will if you give them a choice).


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