Tuesday, November 16, 2021

"The science" is anti-scientific; superstition, science-denial. Anyone who uses the term either doesn't understand what science is or is trying to manipulate you with lies.

"Justice" or "fairness"?

Dishonest or ignorant people are actively trying to conflate "justice" and "fairness". That's not what "justice" means. 

Worse, "fairness" isn't even a real thing, but is a concept "invented so children and idiots could feel like they are participating in conversation".

But fooling people into believing the words "justice" and "fairness" mean the same thing is useful for brainwashing them into accepting injustice by calling it "fairness" and tying it to "justice". Who could admit to being against justice? 

Of course, most people would also say "Who could be against fairness?" I'm not against it; I just recognize it is so totally subjective as to be useless and ultimately imaginary. What I would see as "fair" another might see as "unfair"-- and might also call "injustice" if they confuse those concepts.


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