Friday, January 06, 2023

No patience for cowardly control-freaks

My patience is at its limit when it comes to people who want to control everyone else because of their own fear. Guns, Covid, spiders, snakes, birds, liberty, whatever. 

Even things I dislike intensely such as political government, bureaucrats, and cops-- there's no need to fear them. Fear gives them unwarranted power. Just avoid them when you can, never accept their existence as a given, and work to undermine any power they have over you.

I don't care how you justify it or how you try to convince others to be as scared as you are. Your data is worthless. Your statistics are pointless. Experts pushing the contrary are impotent. Liberty is the greatest good, over even life.

I recently encountered one of these people. She's so terrified of Covid that there's nothing she wouldn't advocate doing to you because of her fear. But, of course, nothing she wants imposed on you would make her fear go away-- it will still be there looking for more ways to violate you.

If you’re scared, you are free to hide. You have the right to hide, but you have no right to make everyone else live according to your fears. Don't keep trying to impose your fear on others through silly rules. Especially counterproductive rules that will have the opposite effect in the real world.

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