Friday, September 23, 2022

I chickened out. Twice.

For the second day in a row, I canceled the post I had scheduled for this morning before it could post.


Because it scares me to think about it, and I wonder if critics could use it against me in the future.

No, it's nothing illegal or unethical/unlibertarian. Just personal.

I need to wrestle with this some more. I feel the need to talk about it, but I'm not sure putting it in writing or on any electronic media is smart-- although since it's already written and in "the cloud", that's a moot point. And there's no one in my personal life I trust with this.

But since it is in the cloud and discoverable by any bad guy with keys to the backdoor to the internet, maybe it would be better to go ahead and let some good guys in on it. Maybe.

I'll keep thinking about it (I can't seem to put it out of my mind), and try to focus on something else to write about in the meantime. But this is seriously distracting me.


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