Friday, April 14, 2023

Does this mean I'm old?

My Spirit Animal?

I was wondering recently why I'm feeling a bit angry at the world. Then I realized I'm not feeling angry. Not at all. I'm just sick of certain things-- politics, mostly.

Politics makes people stupid

A nationally influential Libertarian got snippy with me when I was supportive of throwing those oath-breaking anti-gun politicians in Tennessee (if I remember correctly) out of office. He had some "democracy" reason that he thought it was an awful, unlibertarian thing. He was wrong.

If you violate the terms of the agreement that allows you to hold an office, he believes you should be allowed to stay in power? I guess so. 

When I responded that I want every politician kicked out of office when they violate liberty (which would get rid of all of them), he was paternalistically dismissive. I wasn't playing his political con game, so I was irrelevant. Politics made that Libertarian stupid. I've seen more cringe-worthy tweets from him since then-- mixed in with some reasonable things, too, so he's not always wrong. Only when he mixes politics into his attempt at thinking.

Then there are all these people who see a problem, either real or imagined, and start calling for government to fix it with legislation. Or stricter enforcement of existing legislation.

So many issues, called out by so many political people. Ban this, mandate that, punish them. Wow, it's stupid.

This is political thinking and it always leads you astray. Legislation is never the right (or ethical) way to solve a problem. Be smarter.

No one has the right to use the political means against anyone. This imaginary "right" can't exist. And I'm sick of pretending doing so is legitimate, or even just holding my tongue in the face of such nonsense.

I get it: some people love politics. But it's not much different than loving to mix powerful unknown chemicals in a basement under a room full of children. Even if you say you're doing it in self-defense because someone else is doing the same to use against you. It's at least irresponsible, maybe worse. My patience for it all has worn very thin.

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