Thursday, June 23, 2016

Magic wands aren't an option

Statists desperately want a magic wand. They insist on being handed one. Reality doesn't make them happy, and they don't want to hear it.

If they are to consider letting go of the cult of Statism, they insist on everything being magically fixed in its absence. Fixed in a way they can understand and approve of. Instantly.

You can point out the failures of statism, but because you admit that Utopia isn't going to come about in its absence, they refuse to budge.

As has been pointed out, government could never live up to the standard they insist on imposing on a free society. If it didn't already exist, they would never agree to try something so insane and obviously doomed from the start. For good reason- to believe something so stupid, you have to have been raised in the belief.

It doesn't matter that their chosen cult fails to deliver, time after time, without exception for thousands of years- they'll hang on to it until someone else offers them a magic wand with which to solve everything with a wave.

I think this shows they believe they already have a magic wand in coercion.

By contrast, the grown-ups see when something is a failure and toss it, knowing that things work themselves out when people are motivated, and when artificial barriers are removed. They may not work themselves out like you expect, but people solve problems. It's what we do, unless we form a big gang which depends, for its very existence, on making the problems worse. A solved problem puts government employees (tax junkies) out of work. They aren't going to stand for that.

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