Saturday, April 01, 2017

A little money rant

It shouldn't get to me, but it does. It's completely my fault; I let it.

When I interrupt the blog to ask for money, I already feel bad enough. I hate doing it.

But, then, when I do, some people want to make it worse. It has happened several times over the years. Does that make them feel better about themselves?

I visit many blogs every day.
Most of them have standing requests for donations, much like the tag I put at the end of most of my posts. So?
Sometimes they make special pleas when something comes up, as I sometimes do. I am free to donate or to ignore the request.
If I don't feel like donating, it still doesn't offend me that they ask. Why would it? No one is forcing me, or threatening me. If it's a case of that blog disappearing if not enough donations are received, and if that would matter to me, I'll donate. If not, I won't complain to them because they asked. This seems about as childish as it is possible to be. I have never stopped reading a blog because they asked for money- if I don't want to hear it, I ignore those posts and just read the ones that interest me.

Many times their requests are for thousands of dollars.
For example, here's a donation meter I copied from someone's blog (with the identity blocked out to save them the "embarrassment" of publicly asking for money):

I wish!     

I wonder if Mr. Anonymous goes to that blog and all the others and criticizes the requests. Or, is it just mine?

Notice both the amount asked for on that blog, and the amount received. Never have I asked for that amount, and never would I expect to receive anything that would even show up on that meter as more than a red puddle in the bottom.

No, I get along the best I can, and when I need to, I request a little extra. Often, none comes through. And that's OK. No one owes me ANYTHING.

It is completely up to the reader to decide if I am worth helping or not. And whatever the reader decides is the final word. I have never been offended that someone didn't subscribe (which I don't exactly consider charity) or donate (which I do). As always, if someone doesn't want to help, can't afford to help out, or has better things to do with his money, I DON'T WANT him to donate!

Is that really so unreasonable?

Maybe my little effort to contribute to the debate isn't worth what that of other writers and bloggers is. I can accept that. I'm small potatoes. Not at all important in the grand scheme of things. No one knows who I am, nor cares. I will never be a shaper of society's opinions. I am not a "mover and shaker", but just someone who expresses unpopular opinions in a tiny, insignificant eddy of the internet. I'm fine with that. It's not about how much work I put into it- it's about the value others see in it. I do many jobs where the value others see in my labor doesn't come close to the effort I put in. I suspect that's a universal thing. It's just life. I could choose to do something others would value more.

If it bothers you that I sometimes ask for money, I have to wonder why you would ever visit blogs at all. Or, again, is mine just so unworthy that the mere mention of the need for money is offensive, while others can do it and it's OK? If you notice it's a "bleg" and that annoys you, just move along. Read someone else's blog post. If it bothers you so much that it's not worth seeing what I say ever again, go in peace. It's fine.

So, yeah, I know I shouldn't let people like that get to me. But I'm human, and sometimes they do, especially when I feel like they are kicking me when I'm down.

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