Monday, August 14, 2017

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Nuclear solar electric cars!

Fred, Fred, Fred... you ought to know better.

About electric cars, he says:

Liberals love them because they will prevent pollution, end global warming, and maybe stop hair loss. Libertarians hate them because they associate them with clean air, federal subsidies, and Al Gore. 
He might say it isn't possible, me being a libertarian and all, but my first car was an electric car. I love them. And I know their limitations. (Yes, that's actually me and my electric car in the picture above, in the spring of 1980.) I like clean air, I dislike government subsidies, and Al Gore is a big ol' hypocrite I can ignore. Next!

So where does the electricity come from? From all kinds of generating plants, I guess–now. But if it came from nuclear power plants, then you would have a nuclear-powered car. See? And you would have zero pollution of the air.
I guess it depends how you define "pollution of the air", but whatever. 

Back when I drove an electric car, the location where I lived got the majority of its electricity from a nuclear plant (at least when that plant wasn't shut down for one reason or another). I had a bumper sticker on my car saying something about how many barrels of oil one nuclear power plant saved. So my car was nuclear powered, and in fact, all my friends called it "The Nuke".

Then, of solar power he says:

Again, libertarians are against it, probably because Al Gore thinks it is a good idea.
Nope. I love solar power, but I know the environmental damage done by manufacturing the solar panels required for solar electricity. My problem with most people who advocate solar electricity is that they seem to be ignorant of the environmental costs (the same with large-scale wind-generators such as are sprouting up all around me). There is a cost to everything. Be aware of it, take it into account, then make your choice. Personally, I would love a solar roof.

Anyway, yeah, I know it's just humor on his part, but it is good to keep people honest. Right?


Totally unrelated, other than it is about transportation (or rather, the prevention of transportation), I think I'll start calling the TSA the Terrorist Support Administration. More accurate.
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