Thursday, November 26, 2015

"Stockholm Syndrome for everyone!"

People are always pointing out the Stockholm Syndrome "suffered" by statists, concerning their love for their chains. I put sarcastiquotes around the word "suffered" because I think most of them enjoy it.

But I'd say there is also Stockholm Syndrome involved keeping some liberty lovers tied to "conservatives".

"Conservatives" are NOT friends of Rightful Liberty. They are just as bad on that front as the "liberals"/"progressives"- but choose to violate Rightful Liberty in different ways. Sure, there is a little overlap- some places where our desires meet. Even the Communists of the Soviet Union probably had some things in common with liberty lovers. Maybe just as many as do the "conservatives".

But, if you believe more government, more "laws", or better enforcement is ever the answer, you are spitting on Rightful Liberty. I hope you'll eventually see that truth.


It could happen...

Most cops are probably nice.

If they quit the police department and never again initiate force or theft, then- in time- they might even become good people.

It could happen, and I'll always hope.