Wednesday, October 25, 2023

The bad guys are in denial

Government is directly and indirectly responsible for a vast amount of history-- the bad parts. 

The good parts didn't require government, just cooperation. The bad parts couldn't be sustained without being committed by actual governments (States) or government-like gangs of bad guys (usually in cahoots with government).

Torture, inquisitions and "witch" burning, genocide, democide, slavery, starvation, censorship, holding back the advancement of human knowledge, etc., including plain old governing… and they don’t realize they’re the bad guys?

Either they don't realize it, or they are lying to keep you ignorant of their true nature.

Remind them they're the bad guys, every chance you get. They'll know you know, even if they want to keep deluding themselves with The Big(gest) Lie.

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