Sunday, December 27, 2015

They can't be trusted with a gun

Of all those people you might argue can't be trusted with guns- drug addicts, "felons", hot-heads, cops- there is only one group I could never trust with a gun- or anything else: Those who are loyal to government. Any government.

Not just those who lower themselves to work for government and impose its policies and opinions, but even the "nice" guy down the street who supports government as long as "his guy" is in office. Or the guy who says you need to "respect the office", if not the person in the office. Or, even the guy who fears what might happen without government.

The democides are always carried out, and justified, by such cracked individuals.

I'm sure you've seen the old photos of monsters in uniform aiming to shoot some individual who they have on their knees by a ditch. Those photos crop up everywhere, and are horrifying. All those murders are committed by people loyal to government.

Loyalty to government- even to the idea of government- is one of the most dangerous moral shortcomings imaginable. It is the inspiration for so much evil.

I'm not saying it is the only evil- obviously there are people out there committing great evil who hate government. But when you compare the damage each ideology inspires, loyalty to government creates much more death and destruction than is done by the others.

I am not loyal to government. Not any of them. I spit on the very idea of government. I pity and look down upon those who excuse and try to justify government.

I am not saying I would support a "law" barring guns to those who are loyal to government (that would be looking to government to protect you from itself- a silly idea), but I am saying that such a person can't be trusted. Not with a gun, not with a pencil. No need to hunt them down. Just know who they are, and act accordingly.