Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Flight 370- I found it...

... THREE times! And I have photographic evidence:

Governments are harmless

No government has ever harmed any individual. Did I really say that? Yes, I did.

Do you doubt me? Well...

Let's say you believe in a god- let's call it "Unext"- your god can't harm me. It isn't real and can't really "do" anything. Right?

But you can harm me because of your belief in Unext, if you thought Unext wanted you to do so.

Just like a cop or Brownshirt of some other variety could kill me for "the government". It's not the imaginary thing which is dangerous, it is the believers (and those who don't necessarily believe, but are just using it as an excuse to pillage). 

So, while government, by itself, is utterly harmless because it isn't really there, the belief in government has been the most deadly mental virus ever to infect the mind of any species on Earth.