Monday, October 25, 2021

"That was rude!"

Saturday my daughter and I went to a pet expo over in New Mexico territory. One of the booths was the local city animal shelter. As I passed, they asked if I would sign a petition to have the city "improve" the shelter.

My signature wouldn't have been valid, since I'm not a resident of the state, and I don't think government should be running animal shelters anyway. I've repeated over the years that nothing should be "tax" funded, not even if I like it.

So I said, "No, thanks".

The shocked faces should have been a warning. My daughter tells me that a kid in the booth said "That was rude" as we walked away, and someone else said "Wow!".

I was told by someone in my family that I should have just signed. 

I never claimed to have the best social skills, but I don't like being deceptive. I suppose I could have gotten into a conversation to explain my choice. I could have pointed to the cat my daughter was carrying and told them the story of his rescue, as evidence that I love animals. Would it have made a difference in their opinion of me? Does their opinion matter? 


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