Monday, February 19, 2024

Conditioned to accept ridiculous evil

If humanity were free and someone thought up the idea of government today, would anyone fall for it?

I doubt it. It takes a population slowly and relentlessly conditioned over generations to certain absurd beliefs to fall for such an obvious scam. 

Humans have been undergoing this conditioning for thousands of years. Maybe longer. Most members of our species are well conditioned to accept the unacceptable-- to allow someone else to govern them instead of governing themselves like healthy individuals do. Don't judge what healthy humans would accept based on what you see around you. It's not even comparable.

It's interesting to me that the roots of political government reach back to the prehistoric era when people were probably the most superstitious and fearful they have ever been. (Although today's humans seem to be trying to compete for that dubious distinction.)

Unscrupulous characters used this superstition and fear as a way to get their gullible fellow humans to submit to something that wasn't actually good for them, but that they were told was good for them. And necessary.

It must be true because the holy men told them this is what the spirits required. Funny how well this worked out for those holy men.

Just like it works out for the filthy holy men of modern politics. 

This is why I say political government is The Ancestral Enemy. This isn't something new. It has been around as long as there have been crooked people who'd rather govern everyone else than mind their own business-- there's more profit in it. It's ancient. But it has grown and mutated into something with a dishonest veneer of civilization as it becomes more evil in its reach and abilities.

I trust that you see through it; you see it for what it is. If you didn't, you probably wouldn't be reading these words now. Right?

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