Thursday, December 03, 2020

Defund politicians until they end shutdowns

As long as any politician supports shutting down businesses, he/she/it shouldn't get paid. Shut them all down, too.

Obviously, I'm in favor of cutting off every politician's paycheck for any reason or for no reason at all, permanently and without exception. Most people aren't in favor of that.

But, at a minimum, as long as those parasites are going to force other people to do without their income, the politicians' checks should be stopped and all that money returned directly to their victims, and all forms of "taxation" should be canceled at least for the duration. That's the real stimulus that should be implemented.

I would also shut down the "Federal Reserve" to prevent it from making up more "money" to keep government going, handing the victims of government any money that's already in government accounts (and personal bank accounts of the politicians).

Once they relinquish their hold, the "back pay" shouldn't be given to them as a reward for doing the right thing, though. Just like the money their victims lost, it is gone from their hands forever.

The longer the shutdowns last, the more money the politicians lose. It's only right.

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