Saturday, November 14, 2015

"Stand with France"?

I don't "stand with France". "France" wasn't victimized, individuals were.

I stand with the victims and the survivors of this religion-fueled* mass murder.

I blame the murderers, individually.

But, I also blame the government bullies who demanded that the individuals in France be unarmed and defenseless to make the murderers' attack so much easier and more deadly. I'm sad that people obey anti-gun "laws" that government bullies dream up and cops enforce, but I also understand the risk of being molested for ignoring those counterfeit rules is orders of magnitude greater than the actual risk of being murdered by (or even encountering) a terrorist, so maybe complying is actually "safer".

But, no matter what else, individuals chose to commit murder, and they are most to blame. (Assuming, of course, that what is being reported is even close to anything which actually happened.)

And, you can't ignore the blame shared by government gangs all over the globe who can't seem to let people just get along by living their own lives, but must continually meddle to prove they are "necessary" in some nebulous way.

But, still, individuals committed murder. They are where the ultimate blame lies. You can choose to murder the innocent or not. They made the evil choice. Notice these murderers didn't kill any government "Rulers" who are the ones they have the problem with, but attacked people who hadn't actually done anything to them. This is what I pointed out in a recent status about striking out at someone who isn't the cause of your trouble.

These murderers were scum. All those who imitate them are also scum.

*Statism, for anyone who is confused, is included here.

Statism is the most destructive religion in the world- anything else comes a very distant second.

If you condemn religions for encouraging their believers and followers to murder, rape, pillage, loot, and destroy... but you embrace statism (the belief that governing others- as opposed to governing yourself- is a legitimate human endeavor), then you are just as guilty as any of those you condemn. Get that 2x4 out of your own eye so you can see the speck you are criticizing in the eye of your enemy.



"But, but, it's NECESSARY!!"

People are willing to do the wrong thing if they believe it to be necessary. I find this somewhat horrifying.

Because how can wrong ever be "necessary"?

It's the whole myth of "necessary evil" again. If something is necessary, it can't be evil, and if it is evil, it can't be necessary.

"Taxation", being theft, is evil, so there is no way it can be necessary. "Taxing" someone is wrong- even if you wouldn't have the money to do what you want to do otherwise. It doesn't matter how you try to justify it, or what you try to establish as the apocalyptic consequences of letting people use their own money as they see fit. If your plan is so necessary, convince people that it is and let them fund it voluntarily. If they choose not to, it wasn't necessary at all.

And, there are plenty of other examples statists will try their hardest to convince you are "necessary", even as they admit the act would be evil if you or I did it without the sanction of "government".

It's dishonest in the extreme.

Now, if you admit your act is evil, but you feel it is still "necessary", go ahead and do it- taking full responsibility for your actions and accepting whatever consequences come from it. Including being shot in defense. Just don't tell me I have to go along and approve because you can't think of any alternative.