Saturday, June 22, 2013

Your "Right" to be evil

I have been scolded by people who say that if government goes away it would violate the rights of people who want to be a government employee.  What?!

Taking away the "right" to be a cop or an IRS agent doesn't actually violate anyone's rights. It's the same as taking away the "right" to be a mass-murdering cannibal.  You have no "right" to violate other people.  Not freelance, and not as your "9 to 5 job".

If I had the ability to push "the button" and make "government" instantly evaporate- and with it, your tax-parasite "job"- I wouldn't be violating your rights in any way.

Now, not too many dedicated statists have tried this argument, but I've heard it a few times.

Sorry, but if you have a strong desire to rob and attack people, you can do it without the myth of "government legitimacy" backing you up and see how long your choice remains viable.  You'll still have the same choice you've always had: live by the economic method (voluntary trade), or by the political method (theft and coercion).

I, for one, don't fall for the lie that your evil acts are somehow mitigated by the "consent of the governed" or "the Majority" or who your employer might be.  If you act like a thug, you are a thug.