Thursday, January 26, 2017

Not quite "quiet as a mouse"

If government-- the State-- could stay unnoticed, it might survive longer. But by becoming intrusive and meddlesome, it has sealed its fate. Sooner than otherwise would have been the case.

If you have some guy living secretly in your attic, but he can go unnoticed, you won't kick him out. Sure, you'd rather he not be there, but if you never notice him how will you know he's there? You won't think about searching for him to throw him out (or shoot him).

But as soon as he starts stealing enough food that you notice, or as soon as he leaves footprints on your clean kitchen floor, you'll be aware he is there, somewhere, and you'll start trying to get rid of him.

Government was once much less intrusive than it is now. Most people could live their entire lives without being molested by a government employee. Sure, they knew it was out there somewhere, but it just wasn't something that affected their daily lives.

That hasn't been true in a long time.

So, while hardly anyone long ago ever considered kicking the unobtrusive thieves out, it is a sentiment that is growing stronger, in more people, with every passing "law". I know I've been at the "toss the invader out or shoot him" phase for a long time now. And it's only going to get worse.


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