Wednesday, April 20, 2016

"Global citizen"? Citizens are slaves

I recently watched a TED talk extolling the virtues of being a "global citizen".

If you believe "citizenship" is a good thing you don't understand citizenship.

A citizen is said to be an individual who "owes allegiance to [a] government and is entitled to its protection".

How does that really differ from a slave? A slave could be said to be someone who "owes allegiance to [a] master and is entitled to his protection".

And both are expected to labor and produce wealth to the one they "owe"- the government owner will call it "taxation" and take less than 100%. But, then the slave master doesn't actually take 100% either, since he still has to feed, clothe, and house the slave.

So, if you advocate "citizenship" you advocate slavery.

I agree that you need to look beyond your local area. I don't believe it's OK to advocate stealing from your neighbors to do "nice things" for people all around the globe.