Friday, August 11, 2023

A "low opinion" doesn't begin to describe it

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Every time a politician proposes new legislation, or encourages others to propose new legislation on his/her behalf, or allows a bureaucracy to make a new rule that will be enforced as if it were legislation, that politician is making a credible threat to murder you and your family. Every time.

You might claim some new "tax", licensing scheme, or prohibition isn't a threat to commit murder, but if that were your claim you would be wrong.

And, of course, it is "illegal" to defend yourself from those posing this kind of threat-- or to even declare your intention to do so. Because the bad guys control what is and isn't "illegal".

Yet, some people still have the gall to pretend to be confused over my opposition to government. However low you believe my opinion of political government to be, I assure you it's lower than that. Probably much lower.
Thank you!