Saturday, November 21, 2020

Election nonsense


Recounts are a distraction and a lie.

It doesn't matter how many times I recount the money under my mattress if I keep counting the counterfeit bills along with the "official" bills with each new count, I'll get the same false accounting every time.

Moving on...

The picture above the post shows a major problem even if you imagine an election can be legitimate.

I don't want my life to be run by people in big cities. Even if I lived in one of those big cities, I wouldn't want my government-supremacist neighbors to gang up and run my life. Even though I live far from any of those big cities, I don't want my neighbors to gang up and run my life.

Otherwise, I'd say let the big cities have the Biden/Harris dictatorship they so clearly crave (assuming the election fraud still represents the basic leanings of the cities), and let the rest of the country continue under a Trump dictatorship. Just split it up already!

No side supporting the other side. No side obligated to obey the rules the other side wants to impose on themselves. Neither side responsible for paying Congress' debts.

Imagining that the country has to stay together is delusional. It's past time for a divorce... but how, since there are no easy lines to split it along? You'd have to excise the big cities from the matrix in which they sit. Yes, it could be done-- and probably easily these days with the internet-- but it doesn't make a good map, and most people would probably reject it on that basis.

It could all be done away with if people would just grow up. Drop the politics.

I have a difficult time imagining what would cause a person to believe they need a president-- I know I don't need one. I've never seen anyone and thought to myself "Now, that person needs a president!"

I was saying before the election that there has never been a legitimate election and this wouldn't magically be the first. I did think they'd try a lot harder to make it look legitimate-ish, though. They aren't even trying anymore. I guess that means they don't believe they have to. The people will just accept whatever they tell us to accept. They are probably right. Which is why democracy-- even if you say it's a republic and pretend that makes a real difference-- is illegitimate mob rule.

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