Monday, December 19, 2022

Fighting (Christmas tree) entropy

I waited late this year to put up a Christmas tree. Because, cats. I'm hoping the tree makes it until next Sunday, because...cats.

Even as I was putting up the tree, a couple of cats were doing their best to destroy it. The two youngest-- not a surprise. So far Whiskers (a year and a half old) is more enthusiastic about the War on Christmas (Tree) than Kirby (8 1/2 months old). But maybe Kirby just has yet to discover the joys of destruction.

The older cats simply like to admire the tree and nap under it-- which is a good way to get trampled by the youngsters.

A Christmas tree in this house is a lesson in entropy. Every day, several times per day, I have to fix the damage to keep the tree looking sort of good. But by the time I take the tree down it always looks a bit worn and tired.

Liberty also has to be renewed continually. It never wears out as long as you keep exercising it, but the people who value liberty do get worn down by the constant struggle to keep the bad guys out of the branches.

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