Tuesday, April 30, 2019

I'm not your opposition unless you choose to be mine

As long as you are not an archator-- especially a habitual archator-- I'm not going to actively oppose you.

You may or may not be exactly on my side.
You may or may not have valid opinions and good motives.
Yet, it could be worse.
You could feel it's right to be an archator, or you might just do so without caring about right or wrong. Those would both be worse.

If you do choose to archate I don't give you a pass due to your religion, your job, your need, or any other justifications. I will oppose you, and more.
Yes, I will be judging you, but if you feel you're in the right, what would you care about my judgment?

Nor will I really care what you think of me. The opinions of archators/statists are less important than a mouse's sneeze in a hurricane. Much less. By supporting statism and archation you've devalued your own opinions to the point there's nothing there. It wasn't my decision, it was your choice. You've done it to yourself. You have nothing to complain about and no one else to blame.


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YOU get to decide if I get paid.