Saturday, July 28, 2018

Private, to Friday's donor

You've donated 3 times now (if I remember correctly), including the latest one on Friday, but my "thank you" notes always bounce as undeliverable. It always says that email address doesn't exist.

So, on the off chance you see this-- Thank you!


Truth from liars

Joss Whedon is, politically, a horrible wreck. Just an awful guy. But somehow he managed to put the right words-- words of truth, wisdom, and ethics-- into the mouth of his Malcolm Reynolds character. Words which basically go against everything Whedon personally stands for.

How does someone even manage to do that? I guess it's talent, and I admit he has loads of it.

It's why you should never reject the truth just because a liar happens to have said it, and why you shouldn't accept a lie that comes from someone who usually speaks the truth. Who knows, maybe someday even Maxine Waters might accidentally say something smart.

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