Monday, November 30, 2015

Open letter to Vincent Heredia

I wanted to send a letter to Mr. Heredia- the man who crashed into and killed my daughter, Cheyenne. From what I've found out, I shouldn't contact him directly, I guess, because of "legal" stuff that's going on (none of which involves me in any way).

But, I still need to say this, so here's the letter I had written to him. Maybe he'll see it- maybe not.


Dear Mr. Heredia,

Your bad choices led to the death of my beloved daughter. But I don't hate you, and I hope this tragedy serves as a wake-up call for you. I would like to see you turn your life around.

I am not going to add my voice to the chorus of people calling for your head on a pike, or a lifetime in a cage. Punishment isn't justice- although most people have come to confuse the two. Justice involves restoring the violated person back to how they were before they were hurt. Nothing you could do, and nothing anyone could do to you, would ever bring my daughter back and heal the emptiness in my heart. Nothing can replace my ex-wife's daughter, my parents' and ex-in-laws' granddaughter, my grandsons' mother, my son's and daughter's sister.

Besides, "an eye for an eye" is nothing but revenge, and is barbaric. I don't blame people for feeling that way when tragedy strikes, but it still isn't right in my mind.

I don't believe in "laws", including the War on Politically Incorrect Drugs. I don't "believe in" police, or prison, or "even" government. Those things infest our lives, and yet didn't stop your actions or save her.

What I do believe in is restitution. However, there are some debts which can never be paid. This is one.

If you want my forgiveness, you have it. That doesn't eliminate your debt, though.

The one thing you might do, in an attempt to pay this debt you've taken upon yourself, is to never again choose to drive under the influence of anything. In fact, you would need to make it a personal commitment to never again commit any violence against the nonviolent, and to never violate the property of any person. That means no government "job" financed through taxes, even if it were allowed in your future, but instead an honest job where you bring actual mutual benefit to yourself and those you serve, voluntarily. You can try to contribute monetarily to my grandsons' future, but the absurdity of "laws" is such that, due to those fleeting moments which led to my daughter's death, you'll probably be prevented from ever being in the position of having money to spare for the rest of your life. You aren't a Kennedy, after all.

I hurt for myself, my family, my daughter who won't get to watch her children grow, and for my grandsons. I also feel sorry for you, and if I could go back in time to divert you from the course which resulted in my daughter's death and the situation you now find yourself in, you know I'd do it. I just wonder if you would have listened to me if I'd had the chance to speak to you beforehand.

Kent McManigal


Sunday, November 29, 2015

Equality for everyone?

I really feel sorry for "liberals".

They believe they are sounding so reasonable when they say all they want is equality for everyone. I don't think they understand what it is they are asking for.

If they mean for everyone to be equal in every ability, they are being absurd.

If they mean for everyone to be treated the same, it's never going to happen.

If they mean for the "law" to treat everyone the same, that's never going to happen, either, because the "law" is applied by humans who will never treat everyone equally.

If they mean everyone having equal and identical rights, everyone already does and always has. And it isn't the "liberals" who act upon that fact, it is those like me: the AVAL. Yet they fight us as "the enemy". This is stupid of them.

They don't see the irony in using that which violates people the most unequally to impose punishment on those they believe are being "unfair". Reality doesn't work like that and never will.


Saturday, November 28, 2015

When I grow up, I want to be heroic

I want to be heroic. I know that's dangerously self-important.

But, the opportunities are rare, because villains are actually pretty rare. Only a couple of times in my life have I been at the scene of a crime- and the one that sticks in my mind the most does so because I hesitated and failed to help. I will never forgive myself.

In fact, almost all crimes I witness are committed by bullies calling themselves "government". I see roadside robberies committed by cops doing "traffic stops". I see people having "taxation" committed against them and their property. I see people having their property devalued through "code enforcement".

Being heroic and striking against those bullies is- in the current society- suicidal. I want to be heroic, not a martyr.

A real superhero would be spending the majority of his or her energy fighting against State bullies, because they outnumber the freelance bad guys hundreds (or more) to one, and do so much more damage. I am not a superhero.

Blogging and writing are not heroic. The desire to be heroic can lead people to do the wrong thing for the "right" reasons... if their principles are not really strong. I never want to fall in that trap. But I still want to be heroic.


Thursday, November 26, 2015

"Stockholm Syndrome for everyone!"

People are always pointing out the Stockholm Syndrome "suffered" by statists, concerning their love for their chains. I put sarcastiquotes around the word "suffered" because I think most of them enjoy it.

But I'd say there is also Stockholm Syndrome involved keeping some liberty lovers tied to "conservatives".

"Conservatives" are NOT friends of Rightful Liberty. They are just as bad on that front as the "liberals"/"progressives"- but choose to violate Rightful Liberty in different ways. Sure, there is a little overlap- some places where our desires meet. Even the Communists of the Soviet Union probably had some things in common with liberty lovers. Maybe just as many as do the "conservatives".

But, if you believe more government, more "laws", or better enforcement is ever the answer, you are spitting on Rightful Liberty. I hope you'll eventually see that truth.


It could happen...

Most cops are probably nice.

If they quit the police department and never again initiate force or theft, then- in time- they might even become good people.

It could happen, and I'll always hope.


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

School shower issues

All this hoopla over who is allowed- or required- to shower with whom!

No, I wouldn't want my daughter to be in a communal shower with anyone she felt uncomfortable being around. Male, female, or Other. But, this is where collectivism leads.

You could eliminate the appearance of a problem by getting rid of "boys" and "girls" bathrooms and showers, and just having restrooms and showers with no gender designations at all, but that isn't (to me) a good solution at all.

Better would be getting rid of government schools- the fountain of collectivism- which is where things like this become an issue. You don't see invented issues like this in the real world. Abolishing kinderprison is striking the root instead of worrying about the shadows the leaves cast.


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Immigrants go where welcome

(My Clovis News Journal column for October 23, 2015- inspired by a blog post from over a year ago.)

Does it not seem completely bizarre to you that people who seek to live somewhere without first getting permission from a gang of bullies — permission that is getting more difficult to obtain — would be an issue around which people would base their choice for new supreme slavemaster?
I mean president.

“Conservatives” yapping about “illegal immigrants” sound as ridiculous as “liberals” droning on about “reasonable” anti-gun laws.

"Conservatives" say they oppose the migrants because they are being brought in to become "new Democrat voters". Well, who do you think they'd vote for? The people who are "welcoming" them with hatred, calling them "illegals", claiming they are rapists and murderers, and waving the Federal flag in their faces? Or people who actually want to let them live where they choose and aren't treating them like pariahs? Even if the latter is only a political tactic.

Sure, it would be better if the new migrants, and the rest of us, refused to play the political game at all. It would also be better if there were no welfare for anyone to become dependent upon, and no "offices" into which one could elect parasites and bullies. But until people wise up and change this archaic and destructive system, you get what you get.

Consider who immigrants are inevitably going to identify with after being exposed to both reactions. It's not going to be the "conservatives" of the Republican Party.

If you want new immigrants to become more like you, treat them with respect. If you don't want them to slip into the arms of your ideological enemies, stop driving them there. Give them a chance. Encourage them to be independent and self-reliant. Lead by example, with kindness. Be accepting of them even while you show them why certain ideologies are harmful to them and their loved ones. Explain which behaviors you will defend yourself from, and recognize they have all the exact same rights you do.

Marginalizing them is guaranteeing an outcome you claim to fear. It's a self-fulfilling prediction. And unless you are deeply in denial, you have to see how much of the responsibility is yours. Immigration control has been a "progressive", government extremist notion from the beginning.

Republicans are using migrants as a common enemy to unite their voting constituency. Democrats are also using them, of course, but I suppose if everyone were trying to use me to promote their agenda, I'd still prefer those who use me in a way which doesn't portray me as subhuman.


I’ve changed a lot from teen years

(My Clovis News Journal column for October 16, 2015)

Recently a friend from my late teenage years commented on a Facebook post. He expressed his opinion that I have changed a lot since then.

It wasn’t clear whether he meant this to be complimentary or not.

My first reaction was to get defensive. Fortunately, before responding I realized how wonderful it was I have continued to grow beyond my teenage knowledge, beliefs, and attitudes. How tragic would it be to fail to mature?

He has also changed from the person I knew. Our paths have diverged about as radically as possible. We all grow, learn, and change.

Most of my changes over the years have been due to recognizing inconsistencies in my views and striving to rid myself of them. Inconsistencies are never desirable. Being consistent doesn't automatically mean you are right, of course- you can be consistently wrong- but when you are inconsistent it's a clear sign you are definitely wrong about something. It isn't possible to be inconsistent and right.

If you've already realized this, congratulations. This took years for me to figure out for myself, especially because of the inconsistencies I liked keeping around.

In those days I was "conservative" and wrong in the normal ways "conservatives" are consistently wrong. Yes, I appreciated liberty, but only within certain arbitrary parameters. In other words, I didn't understand what liberty actually was.

Back then my enthusiasm for liberty tended toward the "liberty for me, none for thee" variety. Especially for anyone whose sexual orientation differed from mine, those who sought to self-medicate with substances the government had declared off limits, or anyone whose non-coercive choices I didn't understand. Now I understand liberty is the freedom to do absolutely anything which doesn't violate any other person or their property.

I was never a fan of government, but unlike today I couldn't have explained why. Because of my inconsistencies, anytime government was used against those whose liberty I didn't care about, I could look the other way without a second thought.

Had I stagnated I would fit in better today, but I would still be wrong in those areas where I was inconsistent. I'm glad I changed.

I expect I will continue to change into the future as I learn, consider, expose and strip away any lingering inconsistencies I haven't yet noticed. I look forward to each and every step along the journey. I hope many years from now people will still comment about how I have changed.


The futility of the Police State

(Previously posted to Patreon)

I wouldn't have expected to have so many people complimenting me for my response after my daughter Cheyenne's death. I will say that has been the strangest result.

The thing is, I really believe what I write. I have no choice but to believe reality. Pain and sorrow don't alter it even a little.

I don't believe "laws" would have saved her- there are already "laws" against drugged driving- they can't stop anyone. There are "laws" demanding we all wear seat belts- which she did. There are "laws" which force car manufacturers to install air bags- and they worked as designed in her new car. There are cops flooding our streets to make sure all those "laws" are enforced.

And, yet, Cheyenne still died.

Given the same end result, I would have preferred she lived her 24 years in a free society, unmolested by these "laws". I'm not sure what she would have preferred- she did pretty much as she wanted anyway. Whether she would have admitted it or not, she and I were a lot alike- for good or bad.

So, don't be amazed that I haven't changed my mind about prohibition, or check points, or cops, or prison. Pointless things remain pointless, and things which whittle away at Rightful Liberty are still harmful. They were harmful to Cheyenne, whether she realized it or not, and they did nothing to protect her. And they are harmful to my surviving kids.


Monday, November 23, 2015

Cheyenne would thank you if she could; I can and do

I'm going to try to make this the last post specifically about my daughter Cheyenne's death. No promises. Although I'll have things to say in the future which will tie in. I apologize for the lack of order in this post.

First off, people have asked if there's a memorial fund to help her two young sons. There is:

The Cheyenne Rose McManigal memorial fund,
Simmons Bank, 3109 N. Reynolds Road, Bryant, AR 72022
 Att: Goody Bruning, Assistant Branch Manager

Business card:

A GoFundMe account was also set up in her name, and any money deposited there (after they take their fees out) will be sent by me to the memorial fund.

I can't thank everyone enough for all their help, support, and love during this time. It would have been really easy to have felt isolated. I didn't. I felt as though my pain was shared- and I know it was.

My daughter and I had gone through a rough time in our relationship, but it had gotten a lot better in the past year. She had found a boyfriend a little over a year ago who actually treated her well and made her happy. She had felt free to make friends again, and to actually communicate with me and others, after five years of near-imprisonment. And her happiness showed. I grieve those lost years, but celebrate that they ended before it was completely too late.

I have so many memories that flood my mind at random moments. 
How she always looked forward to the first snow of the winter, when we'd take our traditional barefoot romp. 
The time I sliced my hand open on a tomahawk, she asked if it hurt as I sat there dripping blood, and said "huh" as she walked on after I admitted it did.
The time the neighbor's dog got aggressive toward her in our yard and I chased him home.
The despair and emptiness I felt when she decided to go back to live with her mom- and the friend who rescued me and may have saved my life. But, the joy I felt each time I was able to talk to her.
She always had my heart, whether she wanted to acknowledge it or not.

I would like to share a few pictures of the memorial service.

Cheyenne spent last Sunday re-framing photos,
which were then displayed at her memorial service on Friday.

Cheyenne had been waitressing at the local Chili's restaurant in Benton, AR. In a stunning display of compassion and concern, that restaurant paid for the entire memorial service. The whole thing. People claim that "big businesses" are only out for themselves; this is evidence that not all are. Her co-workers showed up at the service wearing blue ribbons in her memory. The love shown staggers me every time I think of it. I ask you to thank Chili's (especially the one in Benton, AR) however you see fit.

I would have attended the service if I'd had to hitchhike and sleep in ditches. But between you and my friends from Facebook (and I realize there's a LOT of overlap there), that wasn't necessary. I was able to attend without worrying too much about the expense. It may seem trivial, but that made a difficult and painful trip somewhat more bearable. Thank you all!!

I realize that in quiet moments I will continue to shed tears. My heart will always have a wound. I will always see things I want to share with her, and then realize... I also know this will not be the end of me unless I let it be. I have a son and daughter who still need me. Although, at 28 years old he probably needs me somewhat less than my 8 year-old daughter does. I need them both, regardless.

I send admiration and appreciation to my first ex-wife for stepping up to raise the boys. I send thanks and love to Cheyenne's boyfriend for making her last year the happiest she'd had in a very long time. And I wish happiness in the future for him, and hope he knows how much he means to me.

It is truly amazing how love and gratitude can keep loss and tragedy from being overwhelming.

Believe it or not, I try to leave purely personal stuff out of this blog. This was a major exception, I know.

Back to regular blogging tomorrow. Thank you for your patience.


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

In memory

Yesterday I was numb. Today I am crying and hurting unbelievably.

Memories. Regrets. Joys. Tears. Overwhelming loss and sadness, mixed with happy memories.

Cheyenne Rose McManigal
March 30, 1991 - November 17, 2015
Cheyenne and her cousin Kyla (whose birthday is tomorrow)

Little Cheyenne in a hat

Being goofy August 27, 2015

Cheyenne with her boyfriend Blake.
He made her last year happy, and for that I am grateful.
Rexton and Gavin. Cheyenne's sons. My grandsons.

Related links: Cheyenne would thank you.
Life is never perfect, but still good.
Open letter to Vincent Heredia.


Statism's AGCC denomination

(Previously posted to Patreon)

Why are the Anthropogenic Global Climate Change faithful so desperate to silence skeptics?

Bill Nye is very good at poking holes in religions that are not his own, but is absolutely blind to the holes in his own religion. I'm sure that's just a human trait.

Even if climate change is happening (it probably is since it always has been), and even if it is harmful (no one- not even scientists- can know if it would cause net harm or be a net positive), and even if it is due to human activities (it would be strange if it weren't at least partially due to humans), that is no justification for what the Climate Cult wants to do to you and me.

Cults freak out when anyone doesn't buy their story. They try to sue, silence, or murder their critics. Logic and reason fly out the window. All that matters is that your words are dangerous and can't be permitted.

Also, if, as the title of Bill's book says, this is Unstoppable, being shrill and controlling about it isn't going to accomplish anything. Instead of trying to force people to shut up if they don't agree with you, do science- invent something that works so well and either doesn't contribute to the problem or actively reverses any damage- that people don't have to be threatened to adopt it.

Bill Nye may believe himself to be a rational atheist, but like so many others, he's just a closed-minded priest in the world's most popular religion: statism. And it should be embarrassing to him.



Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Horrible news- updated

But 50 minutes ago I learned that my 24 year-old daughter was killed in a car wreck. I feel nothing but numbness right now.

I have blog posts scheduled to post automatically for a few days.

Update: News story


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I'm not going to "pin" this post, but I will renew it and put it back on top from time to time over the next couple of months. I hope you'll understand.


Cop hating?

Isn't it interesting how any response other than abject, boot kissing, badge licking worship is "hatred" where cops are concerned.

You can't notice what cops actually do, as opposed to what they say, or you are irrationally hating them.

You can't point out that they don't turn on open corruption in their gang, but hide it or ignore it whenever possible.

You can't mention how many people cops murder while "just doing their job", or where the money that finances them comes from.

Nope. All that is "cop hating". Fine.


Monday, November 16, 2015


My Libertarian Enterprise letter to the editor for 11-15-2015:

Re: Olde Busyneſs by L. Neil Smith

I really enjoyed reading "Olde Busyneſs" in last weeks TLE. And it made me think of a few things.

Back when I was fully immersed in Christianity (and believed it) I was always told "we" were being persecuted and oppressed. I didn't personally see it or feel it, but I was assured it was happening.

But, after I came out of the atheist closet, I discovered what persecution and oppression really were. Mild forms, obviously, but they were real.

I had people who were living completely messed up personal lives (of drunkenness and promiscuity- so, yeah, fun people that I loved being around when they weren't lecturing me) lecturing me about how I was going to Hell for not believing in their god. I was ostracized (which is their right) from social circles, and (in this locality, anyway) am left in the cold without any social opportunities whatsoever, because I don't believe in the 3 Big Deals here: god, sports, or government.

I know it would be hard to convince someone to hire me due to my inability to fit in. And, if I remember correctly, I would be prevented from running for office if such an odd desire ever came over me again. I have learned to keep my lack of belief to myself to avoid consequences. This is all minor in the grand scheme of things, but is still orders of magnitude more than the persecution and oppression I experienced as a Believer. And it's still worth it.

It's not to say I want people to stop exercising their religion. They can even pull it out of their pants and whip it around... as long as they don't soil my life, liberty, or property with anything that comes out of it. Such as "laws" based on their religion, imposed on people who aren't part of their religion. That makes me cranky, and telling people they have no right to act that way isn't persecuting or oppressing them in any way. It is pointing out their aggression and property violations.

In the real world, right now, Christianity violates me much more than Islam ever has. It is the local justification for prohibition, anti-sex "laws", "Blue Laws", and probably more that I can't think of at the moment. And it is the primary religion of those around me who support the troops, the Blue Line Gang, all the counterfeit "laws" I mentioned. But this is because it is the main religion here, other than statism. I have no doubt whatsoever that Islam would be at least as bad- if not worse- if it gained a majority here in my region. And if that happens, the Christians have only themselves to blame for setting up and continuing to support a system which can, and will, be used against them as soon as someone else is in the majority.

Next we address the old bugaboo of "immigration". I understand people worried that "they" are going to overwhelm society and change the culture. Some cultures are simply better than others. If a culture embraces aggression and property violation it isn't worth keeping. Which means that, for the most part, the clash is a clash between sick, twisted cultures trying to fight to the death to show their nasty culture is the Greatest. If you actually built a culture around Rightful Liberty, there wouldn't even be a problem. America may have once been about Rightful Liberty, but it isn't about that now.

A free society, which actually recognizes and respects private property rights, will never have an "immigration problem". Either a person is where they have a right to be- through ownership or an agreement with the owner- or they are trespassing. Trespassers may be shot—especially if they pose a credible threat to person or property.

And, if you don't send troops around the globe to make people's homes explode, their jobs vanish, their food burn, and their regions become war-torn hellholes, you probably won't create unsustainable numbers of refugees fleeing and seeking a new place to live.

And if you don't offer stolen goods in the name of "welfare"- to anyone—there is no incentive to move somewhere new if you're not willing to work to support yourself and improve your condition.

Property violators are only a problem where self defense and defense of property (really a false distinction) has been regulated to the point it is dangerous, "legally", to defend yourself with an effective weapon. "Immigration" can only be a problem in a socialist warfare/welfare "Utopia".

Borderists are busy complaining about the shadow the leaves cast rather that digging out the roots.

Such a culture hasn't kept enough value to be saved. And that's terribly sad because the problem is so obvious and so incredibly easy to fix. Well, easy except for inertia, indoctrination, and cowardice.

"The bad guy gets to draw first". Yes. That doesn't mean you stay within range when you realize he's a bad guy. It doesn't mean you comply when he orders you to show up anywhere unarmed. It doesn't mean you have to censor yourself when people don't want to be told that he is the bad guy. I know of a lot of people who think letting him draw first is suicidal- but if you draw first you have already killed off the good guy by making him vanish in an instant. You have become what you supposedly opposed- by your action of initiating force you have become the bad guy. Stay alert and aware of your surroundings. no matter who is around or where you are. But remember: life doesn't come with guarantees.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

No choice

I can't be anything other than Abolitionist/Voluntaryist/Anarchist/libertarian (AVAL). I don't really have a choice- like I have no choice but to accept gravity. Reality is what it is.

It really is like taking the red pill- if you really absorb it. I know there are all these "formers" out there, but I have yet to encounter one who really understood what it was he "used to be". This is exposed quickly by any conversation with them. The "former" may have been a statist-lite, who then decided to bring more statism back into his life, but he couldn't have understood liberty and human rights.

So, regardless of anything else, without accounting for brain damage, I will never stop being an advocate of Rightful Liberty.

That doesn't mean I'll always be so vocal about it. You never know where life will take you. Some days I feel defeated and tired. Some days I think I need to give up and go somewhere else with my life. Recently this has been a real struggle for me, due to several different problems and pressures.

Maybe someday I'll stop speaking about liberty, but truth with still be true. Forever.

And today is NOT that "someday".


Saturday, November 14, 2015

"Stand with France"?

I don't "stand with France". "France" wasn't victimized, individuals were.

I stand with the victims and the survivors of this religion-fueled* mass murder.

I blame the murderers, individually.

But, I also blame the government bullies who demanded that the individuals in France be unarmed and defenseless to make the murderers' attack so much easier and more deadly. I'm sad that people obey anti-gun "laws" that government bullies dream up and cops enforce, but I also understand the risk of being molested for ignoring those counterfeit rules is orders of magnitude greater than the actual risk of being murdered by (or even encountering) a terrorist, so maybe complying is actually "safer".

But, no matter what else, individuals chose to commit murder, and they are most to blame. (Assuming, of course, that what is being reported is even close to anything which actually happened.)

And, you can't ignore the blame shared by government gangs all over the globe who can't seem to let people just get along by living their own lives, but must continually meddle to prove they are "necessary" in some nebulous way.

But, still, individuals committed murder. They are where the ultimate blame lies. You can choose to murder the innocent or not. They made the evil choice. Notice these murderers didn't kill any government "Rulers" who are the ones they have the problem with, but attacked people who hadn't actually done anything to them. This is what I pointed out in a recent status about striking out at someone who isn't the cause of your trouble.

These murderers were scum. All those who imitate them are also scum.

*Statism, for anyone who is confused, is included here.

Statism is the most destructive religion in the world- anything else comes a very distant second.

If you condemn religions for encouraging their believers and followers to murder, rape, pillage, loot, and destroy... but you embrace statism (the belief that governing others- as opposed to governing yourself- is a legitimate human endeavor), then you are just as guilty as any of those you condemn. Get that 2x4 out of your own eye so you can see the speck you are criticizing in the eye of your enemy.



"But, but, it's NECESSARY!!"

People are willing to do the wrong thing if they believe it to be necessary. I find this somewhat horrifying.

Because how can wrong ever be "necessary"?

It's the whole myth of "necessary evil" again. If something is necessary, it can't be evil, and if it is evil, it can't be necessary.

"Taxation", being theft, is evil, so there is no way it can be necessary. "Taxing" someone is wrong- even if you wouldn't have the money to do what you want to do otherwise. It doesn't matter how you try to justify it, or what you try to establish as the apocalyptic consequences of letting people use their own money as they see fit. If your plan is so necessary, convince people that it is and let them fund it voluntarily. If they choose not to, it wasn't necessary at all.

And, there are plenty of other examples statists will try their hardest to convince you are "necessary", even as they admit the act would be evil if you or I did it without the sanction of "government".

It's dishonest in the extreme.

Now, if you admit your act is evil, but you feel it is still "necessary", go ahead and do it- taking full responsibility for your actions and accepting whatever consequences come from it. Including being shot in defense. Just don't tell me I have to go along and approve because you can't think of any alternative.


Friday, November 13, 2015

Quick request

If anyone could Paypal me $12 in the next couple of hours, I would be very appreciative.
An expected expense is unexpectedly expensive.

Thank you!

Added: The crisis is averted, but if you want to help anyway, please do.


Thursday, November 12, 2015

Thank you, whoever you are

I would like to thank those who have donated Bitcoin to me in recent weeks. I don't know who you are, and so I can't thank you privately/personally, but it is greatly appreciated.


"I'm trying to change it from the inside! Honest!"

When the group "Anonymous" released the names of people it said are associated with the KKK, those exposed people missed a good opportunity.

They should have admitted their membership or support, but claimed they hate everything the KKK stands for and were simply joining to change it from the inside.

After all, that's what I am told I should do because I despise what cops and "government" do.

If I hate what cops do, I should become one so I can "understand them" and work to change what they do from the inside.

If I hate "government, I should vote to get more people into office who agree more with Rightful Liberty- or I should run for office so I can save people from "government" violation.

Somehow, no one has yet suggested that since I oppose "racism" and the KKK, I should find the nearest chapter (?) and sign up so I can influence them in the right direction.

Come to think of it, all those kidnapped on charges they were trying to join ISIS should claim the same defense. Right?

This week has been very medically expensive, and there's more to "look forward to": GoFundMe?


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Simply the truth

There is no such thing as "authority". Either you respect Rightful Liberty, or you are a bully; a thug. Period.

It's really quite simple, and simple doesn't mean it's wrong- complications which obscure this fact, on the other hand, mean someone is trying to baffle you with BS.

Don't let them.



Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Out with the old, in with the new

(My Clovis News Journal column for October 9, 2015)

When thinking of my favorite seasons, autumn is definitely in the top four. Just where it ranks depends on when you ask me.

Some of the more heavily forested places in which I have lived offer more in the way of fall colors, but no matter where I am, I always feel a sense of anticipation as the days get shorter and cooler, and the clocks are turned back to a more reasonable setting.

Funny thing about Fall: some people believe it looks like everything is dying, and become sad over the change of seasons. I think this is short-sighted.

I see Autumn as necessary for the renewal and rebirth to come. Nature must sweep away the worn out to make way for the fresh. Old bug-scarred, weather-worn leaves fall off so the trees can grow fresh leaves next Spring. Without Fall you won't have Spring. Fall signals hope for the future.

This doesn't only apply to nature. Most of the time, in order to make way for something new and better, the old and the worn have to be discarded. You must scrape away the old paint before you slather on a new coat.

Nor can newly discovered knowledge take hold until the old superstitions are tossed aside.

It doesn't mean you have to pretend the old never existed, or didn't have some value once upon a time. You can reminisce, but knowledge is superior to superstition; reality over wishful thinking.

The good news is the Age of Authority is drawing to a close. The "top-down" centralized, Soviet-style controlling of society failed, and is being replaced by a "bottom-up" decentralized self organization which will be more robust. False hierarchies based on "obey your orders" can finally die out to make way for true experts leading by example; never forcing participation by those who prefer to opt out.

Without letting go of some old bad beliefs- such as the idea that government rules supersede liberty and property rights- you'll never find something better. This isn't to deny you'll have to weather the winter of transition- people have to adjust to being responsible for themselves once again. No one says it will be easy after such a long history of using government to avoid personal responsibility, but Spring is coming.

What appears as destruction is often a necessary step in making way for something better. You can't make an omelet if you are unwilling to break some eggs.


Hierarchy of Bullies

First you have the Controllers, who- in spite of the pass some people try to give them- are always evil to some degree. These people include presidents, legislators, judges- but also high ranking bureaucrats, ATF and IRS management, and anyone who makes up counterfeit rules to be imposed.

Then you have the Compliance Apes who find ways to force people to comply with the counterfeit rules. These people are either evil or stupid- maybe both in some combination. Here you have the cops, TSA child molesters, DMV drones, the ATF and IRS thugs who actually go after people, and any "government" employee who is given the imaginary privilege of stealing property or initiating violence.

Next down the hierarchy of evil come business owners who copy the behavior of any of the previous bad guys. If government does it and says it's OK, then they believe it's OK for them to do it too. So you end up with drug screening, "no weapons" policies, and other things which cheapen life and violate individual sovereignty.

Next are those who actively support what any of the above are doing. Perhaps those who will report any exercise of liberty to the "proper authorities" are also in this group, or perhaps they deserve their own special level of Hell- I can see it both ways. After all, it's not far from ignorantly thinking the above bullies are right, to actually handing people over to them.

Next come those who prey on others without even bothering to get "legitimate" by joining the Gang. These are not as numerous nor are they as dangerous, since you can still normally shoot them without never-ending numbers of their fellow thugs coming after you.

Now come the greatest mass of those working against Rightful Liberty- the people simply don't care one way or the other until they find themselves victimized. If something happens to you, well, you should have obeyed the law, or given the mugger what he wanted (plus what business did you have being there?)

Now we come to those who like freedom and liberty- unless those concepts involve leaving someone alone when they don't want to. Then excuses and justifications are built around certain justifications for government intervention, which would be seen as the evil it is if it were being done to anyone who hadn't been dehumanized first. Often the justification revolves around some "might" or "possible" or "what if". No violation has occurred, but they are convinced it is just around the corner and only "laws" and cops can prevent it. Maybe they sometimes have a point. Those who support the government's military are also in this group.

Then you finally have the people who aren't bullies at all, and don't support those who are. These are simply trying to live their lives without violating anyone else. Respecting the Rightful Liberty, property, and self determination of everyone, whether they like or agree with them or not. This is a tiny group, but I hope it keeps growing. The world- and the lives of each non-parasitic individual in it- will be so much better the larger this group gets.


Monday, November 09, 2015

The "single issue"- guns and migrants

Should you advocate violating individual rights (and violating the Constitution, if that matters to you) to impose "immigration controls" because migrants "will always definitely support anti-gun 'laws'" (and the puppeticians who impose them)?

Using that metric, you should deport American Jews because almost all of them support the same anti-liberty agenda.

Plus, I'd be willing to bet others you could define in some way would be the same.

And, maybe you see nothing wrong with that.

But how can you expect anyone to respect your rights when you won't do the same? Yes, the same goes for them, too. We have everyone wanting to violate everyone else's rights in a big statist free-for-all.

That isn't something I want to be part of.

Even if everyone wants to gang up and violate my rights, I won't violate theirs. Self defense isn't a violation, by the way.

I also remember the words of H. L. Mencken: "The trouble with fighting for human freedom is that one spends most of one's time defending scoundrels. For it is against scoundrels that oppressive laws are first aimed, and oppression must be stopped at the beginning if it is to be stopped at all."

But it's still the only right way to approach it. Liberty for all.


Sunday, November 08, 2015

Fire extinguisher control

"In case of fire, keep a fire extinguisher on hand"

No, no, no. Having a fire extinguisher in your home makes you 72 times more likely to be burned to death in a house fire. Having one is a sign of paranoia.

 Plus, if you are ever in a fire, a fire extinguisher would probably just overheat and explode in your hands, making you worse off than if you had been without one.

You're better off to dial 911 then sit and burn while waiting for the professionals to come save you. Don't take the firefighting into your own hands. Firefighters are professionals, so you don't need an extinguisher.

Besides, you don't really believe an extinguisher can douse a refinery fire, do you? Delusions of grandeur, for sure! You must be compensating for something!

If you simply must be a lowlife coward redneck and have one anyway (unlike a real, modern man), keep it empty and locked up so children can't get access and hurt themselves with it.

 And for Brady's sake, bubble wrap it- those things are heavy and might break a toe if dropped!



Saturday, November 07, 2015

Beaten and bloodied

I have encountered the Statist I couldn't beat. Or, at least the one who left me feeling beaten.

I am defeated. He flung things at me faster than I could respond. He wouldn't read the responses I wrote, and wouldn't watch videos I shared. The common ground I tried to find slipped away as fast as he could make it go.

So, I honestly just feel completely lost and buffaloed.

That is a feeling I can't remember having before in this sort of thing.

I know it means I didn't "do it right", and made mistakes. I allowed him to get to me, and derail the topic. And I didn't think fast enough. Or clearly enough. I failed.

It all began with this post from Facebook (although I had to do some snooping to figure it out):

So, let me get this straight... it's wrong if a fake cop does it, but OK if a "real cop" does it?
Coproaches and copsuckers are so funny!

The victim alleges the man inappropriately touched her during a fake traffic stop.

So, he reposted it on his timeline and said of my commentary: "looking at news and these types of people show up"- he is NOT my "friend" on Facebook, but my content is open to expose those who wouldn't otherwise be exposed to it..

Anyway, I only found out about him reposting my post when he sent me a confusing message, posted below (I believe the identifying info has been removed to protect his privacy), and I answered him (no prize for guessing which side of the screen is me).

This is how it went:

22 hours ago

looking at your post im sorry are you fucking stupid
8 hours ago
I guess you should have told me which post so I could hang my head in shame at your superiority.
6 hours ago

just for future reference, police arent allowed to touch people randomly either
Sure they are. They are called "pat downs", "cavity searches", and other euphemistic names, but they all come down to the same thing. They may claim it isn't random, but is for "officer safety", but it is still evil.

are you one of those "fuck the police" people

pat downs barely ever put pressure on the body
3 hours ago
I hate the fact that cops are where the boot heel of tyranny meets the face of individuals. There is no such thing as a "good cop", by definition- they live on stolen money ("taxes") and enforce counterfeit rules which violate Rightful Liberty. But I don't waste my time saying "f the police" because they aren't worth my time. But I will comment on ridiculous news items which illustrate the double standard. Pat downs are still "touch" and are wrong. Rape isn't somehow "better" if you do it gently.

well when you put it that way, sure, but that is quite a subjective and salty way to put it

cops are doing their jobs

for the most part, they dont have any personal opinions on whether or not someone gets a ticket for speeding

taxes go to infrastructure; cops in general are not paid as well as congressmen

there is this idea that the old men wage wars so the young men can fight them

same idea applies here, police are a domestic military force

if there is a good reason to believe that someone is carrying unauthorized weapons or explosives, then there is good reason to believe that said someone is a criminal of some sort

falsely made pat downs are investigated by separate entities often, and therefore dont occur very often

but pat downs are a standard precaution which can prevent the risk of a person being searched using a weapon

i dont know what youve been taught, but if every individual could do anything, its anarchy

its not democracy

its not freedom

its failure of humans to have the morsel of intelligence required to keep society in working order

if police could do whatever they wanted, then the police would probably become ISIS

they arent

if you could do whatever you wanted, then you would probably become ISIS

so yes, i think it is quite necessary for the "tyrannic" policepeople to keep a leash on people like you, to whom "intelligence" is something that is infinitely inferior to "feelings" and "freedoms"
2 hours ago
"cops are doing their jobs"
Yes, jobs that shouldn't be done. That was the Nuremberg Defense, and it simply won't cut it.

"they dont have any personal opinions on whether or not someone gets a ticket for speeding"
Then they shouldn't have taken the job, knowing that would be a part of it. I won't become a death camp guard for that very reason- it would require me to do evil.
"cops in general are not paid as well as congressmen"
So, if a burglar only steals a little, it's OK? Theft is theft, the amount isn't the issue.
"police are a domestic military force"
Yes, they are the domestic enemies the founders of America warned us about, and told us not to ever allow.

"if there is a good reason to believe that someone is carrying unauthorized weapons..."
No such thing. The Constituion makes it a crime to pass or enforce anti-weapon "laws", and even if it didn't, the human right to own and carry weapons isn't for anyone to "authorize" or deny. The right doesn't depend on the Constitution or government recognition; it existed before the first government was formed and will still exist after the last government fades away.

"if every individual could do anything, its anarchy"
No. Anarchy is living without a Ruler- not without rules. You still have no right to use violence against someone who is neither using violence nor violating property. The "law" makes exceptions where none exist- for government employees, for example. You have the absolute right to do anything you want, as long as you don't violate anyone else's identical rights. Thomas Jefferson put it this way: "Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add 'within the limits of the law' because law is often but the tyrant's will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual."

"its not democracy"
Good! Since another name for Democracy is "mob rule".

"its not freedom"
Well, actually, doing whatever you want, good or bad, is the definition of freedom. Which is why liberty is better. Liberty is the freedom to do whatever doesn't violate anyone else- so if that's what you want to do, you don't have the right. Such as to make up anti-weapon "laws" or commit a pat down.

"its failure of humans to have the morsel of intelligence required to keep society in working order"
Society is self-correcting, except when exceptions for certain anti-social acts are carved out.

"if police could do whatever they wanted, then the police would probably become ISIS"
Funny you should say that...


put it this way

do you like having highways
"if you could do whatever you wanted, then you would probably become ISIS" Nope, because I understand I have no right to violate the person or property of another. Even if I believe no one is watching. Remove "government" and I would not change my mind- it is a principle, not an idea of convenience. But, things like that are why it is so dangerous to allow individuals to gain power over others- such as by becoming a cop. "i think it is quite necessary for the 'tyrannic' policepeople to keep a leash on people like you" INteresting, since I have explained why it would be wrong for me to initiate force (use violence against the non-violator) in any circumstance, no matter how "necessary" I might believe it to be. You have a lot of prejudices and pre-conceived notions about a person who believes all human interaction should be voluntary, who believes that no one ever has a right to initiate force or violate private property, and doesn't make exceptions for anyone, ever- most particularly myself, no matter my "feelings" on the issue. "to whom 'intelligence' is something that is infinitely inferior to 'feelings' and 'freedoms'" The first part seems to indicate projection on your part, and I have already explained why I don't think "freedom" is the right goal.
I like having highways. They existed before governments started funding them with theft, and they are built by people, not governments.

hitler invented the highway

he did it, and it fixed the economy

he did it using taxes as funding
You are the one defending theft and aggression, not me.

yes, i am

because i dont believe taxes to be theft and aggression
Then you are in denial.

if you dont like needing to pay taxes, then go live in a random island somewhere no government cares about

taxes provide infrastructure

even if you know you wouldnt be evil

there are people who would be evil
Go back and read all that I wrote above, and read the things I linked to and watch the videos before commenting again, otherwise I will be writing stuff included in those links.

taxes fund schools

i did already

and the reason isis exists is because

although many people in the middle east are peaceful people, there are bad people in the world
The videos were longer than the time you spent before commenting.

well, not the videos

i find words much faster

but as you yourself said, there are good people and there are bad people
My appreciation for education explains my opposition to "public" schools.

without taxes, there is no military


good point

common core sucks anyway

i agree for reasons different from yours but i still agree

either way

no taxes = no banks

no banks = no military
Military is government pawns- militia actually protects people and community.

no military = no resistance

yes, it seems that did the chinese and koreans very well in the 19th and 20th century
Everything you can mention that "taxation" can pay for can be provided voluntarily or done without. If your idea is so poor you can't fund it without robbing people, your idea is flawed.

"wooo the militia are here" "aw crap we got screwed over"

or maybe you become a burden on the state if you use its services without any contribution in return
I'm not talking about those the media calls "the militia" these days-

neither am i, im referring to century-old events
The "free rider" problem. It's a non-issue for several reasona.
Would you let me opt out of paying for government "services" if I didn't use them?

such as...?
Any of them.

you dont mind

not having jails
How could I opt out of that? I wouldn't send anyone to jail even now.

then you would most likely be dead

the fact that jails exist is a benefit to the people in general
No, I can defend myself. Jails dont provide justice. They are revenge.

can you really defend yourself?

jails are revenge, but they are also discipline

well first off

i would rather you provide actual valid research

instead of a blog of your opinions
Even if I can't defend myself, I don't want to be robbed to pay for a human cage, nor do I consent to having anyone placed in one. Ever.
You work for government, don't you?

so you would rather be robbed by those who then sell you off?

i dont

but i use logic

and your opinions are not conclusive results on societal workings

regardless of how highly you may hold them.
What's the difference? Really? Being robbed by bullies of the State is supposed to somehow be better than being robbed by freelance bullies?
Your logic is highly flawed.

do you understand how the economy works

i appreciate that you support communism, but that isnt how people work

and therefore that isnt how the economy will ever be able to work

of course communism would be better
I despise communism- that is what you are advocating, though. Collectivism.

what do you hate about communism

if you seem to support a no government system in which everything is for the people
Government ownership of everything. Violation of human rights. "The people" isn't a thing. There are individuals, not collectives.

well this is great

everyone is an individual

everyone does what he wants

and nothing gets done
I didn't say that.

you dont seem to understand what communism is

do you?

communism has never been, nor ever will be, implemented in a human society
But people do do what they want. Even now. You want to advocate theft and aggression, and yet things still get done in spite of lots of people agreeing with you.

the thing isnt that i advocate taxes

its that taxes exist
Because "real communism" isn't possible.

and that is a fact

yes, i agree

it is a fact that taxes exist, correct?
Yes, "taxes" exist. So does rape. So?

and so do other evils, as you say

and things still get done

because thats how humans work
And States and "laws" don't prevent bad things.

what would individuals have the right to do, in your ideal world?
They simply protect some of the evildoers.
Anything that doesn't violate the person or property of another.


whats to stop people from doing things that violate others?
(Actually, you already have that right, but "laws" violate it)
Self defense, and mutual voluntary defense.
And social pressure.

and what if an isis-like construct comes along?

self defense wont cut it

social pressure wont cut it

militias wont cut it

stupid people dont listen to others

and stubborn people dont stop for others
So a militia won't cut it against a militia? One which would even exist if not for government meddling?

a sensible and humane militia wont cut it against an idiotic and animalistic militia, no
There is no Utopia. Never has been, never will be. But all government does is place a veil of legitimacy over a segment of the worst people and gives tham a pass.

because the majority of the "good guys" have a morale that can be significantly dampened by what the "bad guys" do

of course there is no utopia

but, for example, putin is willing to sacrifice a minority for the good of the overwhelming majority
Since those bad things still exist, after thousands of years of government, wouldn't you see that as a failure to deliver on the promise?

he would have no ability to take action against isis, if there is no government

bad things are inherent in humans

thats why we arent perfect

but id say we are much closer to perfect than the animal kingdom
You don't believe a real, credible threat, wouldn't inspire people to take up arms to fight it off? So, how do government militaries ever form?

by taxes.
Taxes are stolen from the same people (and huge amounts of that stolen money wasted)... why couldn't people voluntarily chip in for defense?

because they arent willing to

why arent you in europe fighting isis right now, if you have so much confidence in the right things?
So, people will only spend money to defend themselves if there is a gun pointed at their heads- or at least the threat of punishment/prison (a threat always backed by the threat of death)?

death is inevitable, and the victim is the victim, regardless of how it manifests itselkf

it is not my concern why people fear death

only that people do fear death

as it seems you do
Because my job is to stay here and protect my home and family, and the local area. Others are free to go fight. Or donate to help the fight.

>others are free to go fight

others are free to "stay here and protect" their homes and families, and the local areas as well

why is it that you are now giving to other people the job that you claim all humans are willing to do?
It's not my fight. If the people there aren't willing to defy the local gang ("their government") and fight, why would I go do it for them?

it is what the government does.

why dont you fight against isis or the government in your local area, if both are threats to your being?
You are preferring one gang of aggressive thugs to another. A false dichotomy.


let me put it this way

If you are not willing to leave your home to fight to help protect others, then others should not be willing to do such for you. Therefore, should an ISIS-like entity appear in a world with no governments and no obligations, and the majority of the world decided to stay home and protect their local areas, there will be no collective power to stop a collective militia of stupid and stubborn enemies.
Every invasion happens locally.

Numbers count in a fight.

if the first town brings out 1k against an ISIS of 100k, and the ISIS wins

then it will recover

and it will grow

next town, it has 100k again

and again

and again

until it starts growing to even higher numbers
I think you overstate the numbers of ISIS and their ability to get here.

i might

but i also overstated the numbers of a town

there are also always defectors
And you don't believe a real invasion like that would bring armed response? Then who does the military convince to join it?

you yourself said that you would not go fight them

so no, i do not think that there would be a significant armed response

at least, not one that does not manifest itself in the form of a disciplined government.
In a real invasion like your scenario, the "laws" against shooting people and carrying weapons would do more to help the invaders than the "citizens"- who would be the ones being kidnapped ("arrested") for going to fight off the threat.

that is irrelevant to my point
I would go fight them if they were on their way here.

well they are
No, it's not irrelevant.

and you claim it is not your job to fight them
It's not my job to go overseas and fight them.

so whose job is it


and i very much doubt you would willingly leave your home in a sedan
The local people. It is your job to defend your home, not other places. That always leads to disaster.

to fight them if they landed somewhere near the border


im saying

there are not enough local people


to form an ad hoc force strong enough to fight a fully equipped and experienced enemy force

which, most likely, is much larger than the militia force
And there is no armed invasion, either.

how do you mean

Where is this invading army?

since when did we start being real

and not hypothetical
From the very beginning.

there is no invading army because the military is overseas, attempting to deal with it

and if there were no military, there would not be people going overseas to deal with it

and therefore then there would be an invading force
By killing people and destroying things, making the survivors angry enough they are willing to join up to fight against America. Yeah, good plan. LOL

and it keeps them away from the american continent

unlike your plan
My plan? Governments make plans. I deal with reality.

in which there is nothing that stands between ISIS and every individual town, trying to defend its local people with no outside help

so are you basically saying

that you have no idea how things would turn out
If people wouldn't join together to fight off a threat, they also wouldn't join the military or put up with "taxation".

and you are literally just being anti government to spite reality



is definitely false

in your view, the government and taxation are threats

yet you would not fight against it

government and taxation are passive
No. I am not anti-government. I am pro-Rightful Liberty. Government has positioned itself against Rightful Liberty, so by extension, I am against what it stands for.

fighting is active

putting up with taxes is a passive act, while fighting it is an active act

in the same way, putting up barricades is a passive act
How would you suggest I fight against government? Shooting cops? Shooting IRS agents?

while helping other places fight is an active act

i wouldnt suggest it
But you are.

i hate the american system

but i wouldnt ever suggest something as foolish as attacking it

at least, not physically
So, why cling to the concept of a "system" at all?

because the american system works

unlike an absence of a system
I need to go do some real life stuff- I suggest this book for your edification, should you care:

as much as i hate systems, i am willing to admit that they work.

and i think

that is what makes all the difference between the two of us.
29 minutes ago
I'm back. Some systems do "work", while being evil to the core. That's not a compromise I'm willing to make, since there's always an alternative. But, let's look at one specific disagreement we have: "taxation" (since you wouldn't watch the video). What do you call it when a person's property is taken from them against their will?

That depends on the cause. It's quite simple to move away if you don't like taxes, though.
So, if I take your wallet so I can buy food for a widow, it isn't theft?

It is theft because I do not find it necessary.

I do not consider taxes a threat simply and only because I consider them necessary.

I will what I find necessary, and if I do not find the purchase of food for a widow necessary, then I do not will it.
The widow might believe it is necessary. The mugger might believe it is necessary. Just like you believe "taxes" to be necessary. So, it comes down to what each person believes?

The widow and the mugger are the receivers. I am the giver and the owner.

It is my decision.
And, I'm not talking about whether they are a threat, but asking for what you consider to be theft.
So, if I am "taxed" I am being robbed, since I am the owner?

I didn't say they were threats, I said I don't find funding them necessary, and therefore I won't fund them.

If it is against your will, then yes.
You said "taxation" isn't a threat because you believe it to be necessary.

However, in my opinion, the necessity is a necessity, and this necessity overrides most wills.
So, theft is OK if it is believed to be necessary? By whom?

Although this necessity overrides wills, the necessity is modifiable, since it is determined by the people, hence the term "democracy"

I am fairly sure that taxes are determined to be necessary by the vast majority.
So, a mob of a thousand people can decide to divvy up the property of one person, if the mob believes it to be necessary?

Effectively, yes.
And it's "right"?

No, but there isn't anything you could do to stop them, if you were the one person.
I'm not talking about stopping them, I'm discussing whether it is right or wrong.

I already answered, no. However, that is different from the American government, in which you can use propaganda to convince others of how the government should work.

You don't have a say in the mob.

You have a say in the government.

Even better, as I said, move away if you dislike it so much.
I could join the mob and change it from the inside, just like voting or running for office.

Then go ahead and do it, that isn't my problem, nor is it part of the situation.
Why should I move away from my home and family just because a mafia has declared itself in charge of my home?

Because, by some chance, somebody decided that it would be better to be there.
So, voting or running for office is not part of the problem.

Perhaps you, perhaps your parents, perhaps your ancestors, but somebody decided it would be good.
Are you bound by agreements that people long dead came to? Where none of the parties involved are still alive?

No, but you are bound to physics. You are where you are, and you can either decide to complain about where you are or to move away. Both are viable options in America.

Complaining may help you eliminate taxes, and moving away may help you find somewhere which suits you more.

I don't have a problem with either.
Do you know that if you decide to leave America, the government still claims it is owed "taxes" for a number of years, plus you are not allowed to leave with all your possessions?

How do you mean?

I have left America with all my belongings before, with no need to pay extra taxes.

If you mean mortgage, then that is part of a contract to a bank.
You can't take all your money with you if you emigrate from America, and the government still claims you must pay "taxes" on income. Even if you renounce citizenship.
There is a dollar limit on the amount you are allowed to leave with- if they catch you.

I guarantee you that is not true. Parts of my family are formerly American citizens who now live in other countries. They have left without losing money and are citizens of other countries.

It is internationally illegal for America to demand "taxes" from citizens of other countries.
I can let you talk to some expats who would disagree.

There are many experts who would agree.
When do governments obey the law?
I trust expats over "experts".
Well, I admit it. I give up. This has never happened before. You win.

Expats may have personal grudges. Governments obey laws when people undeniably believe the laws must be followed.
Have fun.

k u too, enjoy your day

good talk

Chat Conversation End
Later, I discovered he also shared a link to my profile, saying: "Kent McManigal: The ever salty advocate for the destruction of order, government, and taxes". Yeah, he actually believes "order" comes from government...