Thursday, November 02, 2023

Regulating the danger away

National Embarrassment Biden intends to have his gang regulate Artificial Intelligence (AI). Of course, the sickness he suffers from manifests by causing a desire to regulate everything.

An article about his regulatory cravings said, “The developers of future advanced AI models will have to submit safety test results to Uncle Sam to prove they are not a public threat.

Great idea. Now let's subject government to the same safety test. It would fail. Every test, every time, unless the test was rigged.

Do I trust AI? Nope. But I trust government even less than I trust AI. Experience will do that.

I don't know how dangerous AI might turn out to be, but government has thousands of years of tragedy and disaster to show exactly how dangerous it already is. If I had to choose which of the two to eliminate with a snap of my fingers, government would already be gone.

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