Sunday, November 15, 2015

No choice

I can't be anything other than Abolitionist/Voluntaryist/Anarchist/libertarian (AVAL). I don't really have a choice- like I have no choice but to accept gravity. Reality is what it is.

It really is like taking the red pill- if you really absorb it. I know there are all these "formers" out there, but I have yet to encounter one who really understood what it was he "used to be". This is exposed quickly by any conversation with them. The "former" may have been a statist-lite, who then decided to bring more statism back into his life, but he couldn't have understood liberty and human rights.

So, regardless of anything else, without accounting for brain damage, I will never stop being an advocate of Rightful Liberty.

That doesn't mean I'll always be so vocal about it. You never know where life will take you. Some days I feel defeated and tired. Some days I think I need to give up and go somewhere else with my life. Recently this has been a real struggle for me, due to several different problems and pressures.

Maybe someday I'll stop speaking about liberty, but truth with still be true. Forever.

And today is NOT that "someday".