Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Responsibility for the police state

The people who refuse to control themselves and the people who refuse to defend themselves from those individuals who refuse to control themselves are a real problem. 

They are the opposite sides of the same counterfeit coin, and they are the justification used by so many government-supremacists for government. It's disgusting!

My sympathy for both groups is just about depleted.

Which is really not good, since so many people I otherwise respect fall into the second category. They are the people who can't imagine society without police. Those who use any means possible to justify continuing to have, and to dishonestly fund, police.

They lie and justify and whine and blame others-- but the reality is they are just begging for a police state with the power to murder on a whim. And they got it. 

But I neither want nor need it and they can't leave me out of it. 

If I could opt out, I wouldn't care how much they allowed themselves to be abused to have their fears calmed, but they can't let me opt out more than I've already done.

I'm just tired of the criminals and the cowards being in cahoots, and the rest of us being forced to suffer for it.


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