Monday, October 17, 2022

The rise of the spoiled idiots

Pouring soup on an old painting that people generally like, or pouring milk over food and the floor of your local grocery store, to convince people it's wrong to use petroleum or dairy products is just going to make smart people dislike you. 

Gluing your hand to the wall of the art gallery after trying to ruin a painting with soup, or to the road so that you can more effectively block traffic with your pre-corpse, may even be more stupid-- it looks like you don't realize how easily skin can tear off. And those who you've made into your enemies aren't really going to care if ripping off your skin to move you out of the way causes you a lot of pain. They'll correctly point out that you did this to yourself.

Stunts like these make everyone who isn't a spoiled idiot see you as the spoiled idiot you are.

If you don't like the way something is going, or wish things would change faster, speak up smart. Make your case. Don't do things so stupid that you inspire people to push back harder. Which is the unfortunate response I've seen most often.

Also, it might help if you had a clue about economics. I'm sure that's asking too much of these products of gov-school, though.

It's interesting that this is happening in the UK where the natural human right to defend property has been turned into a "crime".

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