Sunday, March 26, 2017

Chaos is a sign of accomplishment

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for February 22, 2017)

Most of the political left, following the lead of the mainstream national media, is focusing on what they characterize as President Trump's incompetence and the chaos which surrounds his administration.

He told you he was going to stir things up. Anyone with any sense should know stirring things up is going to cause chaos. Especially so when it affects those who were comfortable with the way things were. While spring cleaning, or draining the swamp, chaos is a sign you are accomplishing something. It is rare to do anything significant without creating chaos.

Chaos isn't necessarily a bad thing, but is it destructive? I fervently hope so.

Destruction is almost always the first step in creating anything new. Try to build a house without destroying some trees for lumber, and without tearing up some dirt and grass. The trick is in destroying the right things without harming anything which needs to be preserved. Much of the federal government which Trump is fighting, including the "intelligence community", needs to be destroyed. This is a battle I hope Trump wins, although I know he won't take it far enough.

To those who don't like what is happening, chaos looks like incompetence. They are probably wrong when they see it this way. Time will tell.

On the other hand, I completely agree that Trump is utterly unqualified to be president. Everyone is. How can any person be qualified to be in charge of a massive gang which violates life, liberty, and property by the daily fact of its existence? There is no such thing as being competent to control other people's lives; in other words, to run a government. In fact, the more competent the ruler, the more dangerous. I fear Trump is probably more competent than his opponents want me to believe.

As an advocate of individual liberty, I am not a fan of President Trump or any other politician. However, I am as uncomfortable with dishonest criticisms of his actions as I am with the honest support he gets as he further destroys Rightful Liberty in America.

There are plenty of legitimate objections to things Trump is doing and plans to do, such as his support of expanded police state tactics. I can appreciate the good without holding back my criticism of the bad. But chasing ghosts like "chaos" and "incompetence" waste valuable credibility which is needed to fight against his very real violations of life, liberty, and property.


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It's just life

I just spent the past two weeks visiting with my son. It's nice to have both my surviving kids with me whenever I can- but I hurt because I can't stop thinking of it in that way: "my surviving kids".

I love how much my daughter loves her brother, even though he's 20 years older than she is. She tries hard to not cry when he leaves. I admit to quite a lump in my throat every time he drives off.

I'm also happy that she got along great with his girlfriend, even though she was certain she wasn't going to like her... and I'm glad I really like her, too.

My son has hinted that they might be thinking about moving here. That would be great, and my daughter would be thrilled, but I'm not going to get my hopes up too much.

But, he's gone again for at least 6 months or so. I feel that familiar emptiness. Other things haven't really helped me feel better about life.

The household finances just took another hit. Funny how it always seems to go in that direction, never the other way, while expenses always go up and never down. That's just how it goes, I suppose.

Yet, my daughter is happy. My son is happy and enjoys his job. We are generally healthy. We have a roof over our heads and food to eat. I am trying to teach myself another skill (which my daughter says I will never need to use in real life- like every other skill I have, apparently). My mom is still thrilled about the Little Free Library I built for her to put in her yard. There's good and bad and life goes on.

I hope you are having more good than bad. And I hope you know that I appreciate you.


This blog, like all of, is reader supported. 
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