Monday, November 26, 2018

"Not my problem. It's socialized!"

I've recently seen an advertisement for the New Mexico "healthcare [sic] exchange" (ObamaCare's legacy). In it a spokesactress talks about health insurance-- and getting financial assistance for it-- while her "kid" seemingly runs off multiple times to engage in dangerous and impulsive behavior around her. Behavior that she doesn't have to worry about him engaging in because he's insured. Probably at your expense.

And this is one of the best arguments against socialized medicine.

Why should anyone subsidize her self-destructive crotch-fruit so that he doesn't have to be smart?

Makes me want to punch her.

Now, if there were no socialism involved, I wouldn't even see his behavior as all that bad. It's just normal young male behavior, I guess. Thrill-seeking, with little thought for consequences. But it's the thought that everyone else, who has no say in how he acts, is on the hook so that his "mom" can just shrug it off.

I'm thinking the ad didn't have the desired effect on me.

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