Saturday, May 13, 2023

This isn't the time to beg for more government

The situation happening south of here, where the turf claims of two criminal gangs meet, is 100% a problem created by, sustained by, and magnified by political government. It's a statist thing. It was never something government should have meddled with in any way, and once it started, all roads lead to this situation.

If you blame anyone else you've been fooled by government supremacists.

It's not going to be fixed by politics or by statism-light. 

This isn't the time to call for more government, doing more things that will inevitably make things worse in the long run. Government created the mess, more government isn't going to fix it.

It could be fixed by absolutely respecting private property rights and the fundamental human right to defend life, liberty, and that property with whatever force is necessary. From any threat.

This, of course, is something government will never allow. Government hates life, liberty (especially!), and property unless those things can be made to work in government's favor.

As always, your property-- and your life and your liberty--  is your responsibility. Whether you live in El Paso or in the middle of Wyoming. 

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