Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Evil justifies evil?

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I get tired of hearing people excuse things done by the US Empire by saying that other States do things even worse.

Waterboarding and torture are "OK" because [Islamic enemy of the day] beheads and burns people alive.

Ignoring, of course, what Hellfire missiles are designed to do, and what regular bombs also do. If we don't have to watch people having their heads ripped off or burning to death (or screen shots of the deaths, anyway), it doesn't happen. Right?

If you only have to find someone more evil to justify what you do, then there is nothing which can't be justified. I could rape and torture children to death and justify it by finding someone who was even worse. Maybe they did the same, but to one more child than me. Or maybe they were more cruelly creative. But they were "worse".

No, they weren't.

A better way is to simply not engage in evil. Yes, there will be consequences of that, too. Maybe one evil person will survive and murder again. But, if you remove him by being evil, the amount of evil hasn't gone down- it has just infected another person. It has transferred to you, and then to the person who has to kill you. Not a solution by any definition....to be continued...