Monday, January 06, 2014

Government acronyms- it's always opposite day!

Puppeticians are such clowns.  Look at the acronyms they dream up for their stupid and evil rules, for example, the "PATRIOT Act" or the equally Orwellian and anti-safety "SAFE Act" that NY is imposing on compliant gun owners.

I expect to see, someday soon, something like the "LIFE Act", which would stand for something as nasty and anti-life as the "Legalize Immediately Fatal Enemas Act".

And, yet, the mainstream media would see nothing ironic about that rule's name, either.  Not as long as their lover, The State, said it was a good thing.  It would be swallowed without question, and anyone pointing out the ridiculousness of the acronym would be called all sorts of names (or simply ignored).

(If anyone would like to help out financially, I could really use $28 before this evening so my phone can stay activated. I have some other expenses coming in the next couple of days, but the phone is the most critical to life and limb.  UPDATE: I got what I need, but I'll not complain if anyone else wants to pitch in.  Thanks!)