Wednesday, August 02, 2023

They HATE liberty and they are plotting against you

Somehow-- and I suppose it's because my email address appears with each of my newspaper columns-- I got on the press release email list for regional journalists. The press releases these various groups choose to send to journalists shock me with their intense evil.
And they are apparently proud of what they are advocating!

Never do I get a press release from one of these groups defending liberty. Not from "the Left" nor "the Right". Nope. It's all about how their group is plotting to violate someone's rights in some way. And they are looking for co-conspirators to stand with them.

At this time, or maybe it's because the majority of these press releases come from New Mexico groups, it's mostly Left-statists doing the plotting. Although, the vast majority of the press releases I get from Texas are also from Left-statists plotting to violate someone somehow. I'm a little surprised by that.

I also get press releases from "official" state offices. I just got one such press release from the official prohibitionist ("Regulation and Licensing Department") in New Mexico announcing that they have, under threat of violence, shut down a Cannabis store for selling products imported from another tax farm and manufacturing extracts without the "proper license".
Against my better judgment, this time I sent a reply simply telling them they are evil.

I have removed myself from some of the lists, but not all of them. It's good to know what the enemies of liberty are plotting, but too many such emails gets overwhelming. And depressing.

They HATE your liberty. They are plotting to take it from you, whatever it takes.

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