Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Control freaks show their nature

Control freaks feel the need to keep nagging and "reminding", and then- if given the power- forcing.

I think part of that comes from insecurity.  They fear they can't get things done themselves, so they seek to force others to do things on their behalf.  Instead of developing skills and talents, they try to co-opt the skills and talents of others to their own ends.  They see others as existing only to satisfy their whims.  Then they consider this behavioral problem to be their particular "skill".

Perhaps they suffer from delusions that if they don't act like that, the things they want to happen won't get done.

The problem is, if what you want done has to be accomplished by coercing other people, it probably shouldn't be done at all.

Sadly, those who nag and coerce will probably never learn that the right way to get people pulling with you is to convince them to join voluntarily and then lead them by your example.  If your goal can't get enough voluntary support, then it should probably die on the vine.