Saturday, October 30, 2021

Supply chain failure-- the common denominator

For weeks-- maybe months-- now, I've been hearing people giving the reason behind the supply chain failure. But I'm hearing many different reasons, not one. All of them sound plausible, even when they are different.

Ordinarily this would indicate that they are all probably wrong.

But not this time. Not if you dig a little deeper.

Every reason I've heard comes down, at its root, to government caused this problem

It's been a long time coming, but the Covid overreaction brought it to a head.

Regulations, rationing, licensing, legislation, handouts... they all came together to cause this mess. It won't be solved by mixing in more of the same. Getting government out of the way is the only permanent solution, but it's one you'll not hear from the mainstream or from government (but I repeat myself).

I hate to sound like a parrot, repeating the only phrase he knows. But, yes, government caused this problem. Government is the problem so often it can't be coincidence.

(After writing this, I decided I might expand it and turn it into a newspaper column. If so, I apologize for the repeat.)


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