Monday, February 08, 2016

Government is evil- that's NOT "just an opinion"

The question of whether government is good or bad isn't a simple matter of opinion.

Unless you believe it can be OK to use violence against the non-violent who are also not violating your property (aggression), or you believe property violation (theft) is OK.

Governments only exist through aggression and property violations. You can try to weasel-word your way around that fact, but the fact remains. So then you have to decide if that's OK.

If you decide it's not OK, how can you believe it's a matter of opinion that something which only exists by being built of a foundation of aggression and theft is OK.

And if you decide it is OK, why would you stop at those acts committed by government employees? Maybe it would be OK for any random person to just walk up and kill you or your daughter, or take your house and kick you out naked.

Either it's OK or it's not.

Hint: It's NOT.