Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Statists are so boring

I'm getting less and less interested in responding to statist's objections.

Their objections are boring. Mostly because their objections never change. Recycled endlessly by people who don't know their "new" objection has been addressed (and obliterated) over and over again-- over the centuries.

They don't care, because they won't hear. Or, perhaps they can't hear because they don't care.

If I respond, they'll not be moved, but will only dredge up another old, moldy objection-- seeing it as fresh and clever. And it won't be.

Sure, it's possible that a silent observer will see the interaction and come to a new realization as to how inconsistent and hypocritical- and delusional- the statist positions invariably are. So that's why I haven't totally stopped responding to these type of comments. But, especially on FB, I pause and consider whether a response would be useful, and more and more I realize it wouldn't be. So I just skip over it.

Statists bore me with their inability to think critically and outside their imaginary box. They lack originality. But they can sure type lots of words!


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