Thursday, May 18, 2023

Obama is disappointed in me

I saw a short clip of an interview with ex-president Obama. The clip I saw was about guns. It's clear he's just so disappointed that after he made gun ownership a partisan issue, it has become a partisan issue. (Of course, he ignores those of us who don't fit his political model.) He's disappointed in us! Oh, how will I ever be able to stand the pain?!

He doesn't understand why America didn't follow Australia's anti-gun example. Maybe you should explain it to him.

He drove a bigger wedge between the part of society that understands the importance of self-defense and the antisocial faction that believes government knows best. Yet, he blames you and me for the growing divide.

He's not the only one wallowing in this sort of dishonesty or ignorance.

I encountered a couple of anti-gunners online yesterday. 

One doesn't understand why gun owners won't accept that the only guns the Second Amendment "authorizes" us to own and to carry (she'd probably even disagree with the "carry" part) are flintlocks. She wrote that with quill and ink, of course, just to be consistent. Oh, wait...she didn't.

Anyway, she finally admitted that she hadn't really thought about any of the issues, but she still said the "compromise comic" was "... disingenuous at the very least. I mean I get what you’re implying with it but there have to be compromises going forward!" So, all the "compromises" so far aren't enough? They never will be.

No, not only do there not "have to be" more "compromises" in the future, but those that have already been imposed must be rescinded.

Another anti-gun bigot flung the tried and true turd: "Amendment begins ‘a well regulated militia’—why skip to the end as if the beginning isn’t there?", but when I said "No one skips it. It just doesn’t mean what you want it to mean." he replied, "According to people who love guns more than common sense safety"

So I asked him to describe what he considers "common sense safety", and he answered "Background checks at gun shows and private sales".

If only there were a way to make evil losers obey another law on top of all those they ignore! I'm sure a person who plans to murder a bunch of random strangers will be thwarted when he chooses to go through a background check and fails it. Or, passes it as so many recent evil losers have done.

These people don't know what they want-- not really. They just know they want "more". More restrictions on you, what you are allowed to own, and what you can do with what you own.

It's always something more. Just "a little more". And if they get that, it will be just a little more than that tomorrow. Until we are all slaves to a state.

Which might just be why Obama doesn't like for us to have guns.

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