Saturday, September 24, 2022

The joy just keeps on coming

Yesterday afternoon the colonoscopy doc called to inform me of the lab results on the polyps he removed: one of them was "on the verge of being cancer", but wasn't yet. But, that's also the one he isn't sure he completely removed because it was so flat he couldn't get a good grip on it. I'll spare you the bloody picture.

So, of all the options for treatment he offered, I've chosen another colonoscopy in 6 months, with a backup surgery scheduled the very next day (to be canceled if it doesn't look necessary after the colonoscopy).

I'm glad he caught it, but this doesn't make me happy at all.

The insurance balked at paying for this last colonoscopy because it wasn't 10 years after the previous one. They are probably going to completely refuse to pay anything on this next one after only 6 months. The doctor says he will send a letter to them explaining why it is medically necessary, but he says the insurance company doesn't work for me or even him, so he doesn't know if it will do any good.

And, no, this has nothing to do with the other issue, it's an additional thing.

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Don't struggle to please the people who will never really be on your side

I don't understand the desire to water-down libertarian principles so that people who aren't really on our side might be tricked into v*ting for Libertarian Party politicians. Or at least not scared away.

Back before I knew I was libertarian, I disagreed with some of what I considered the "extreme" libertarian positions-- ditching prohibition and government borders, being two examples. But those issues didn't scare me away. 

I realized libertarians were right on the other stuff, so I examined my own positions on the things I disagreed with them on. Even if I had eventually decided they were wrong, it wouldn't have been enough to drive me away.

I was really and truly done with DemoCRAPublicans, and nothing could have driven me back into that circus.

If I had been so close-minded that those disagreements had been deal-breakers, I wouldn't have embraced it at all. Not even if someone had told me "Well, we don't really mean it" or "Those are only the extremists-- we reject their position". That would have seemed sketchy.

Stick to principles and let people either side with us or choose some other path, but at least it will be an honest choice. Not based on some weak statist-lite version of libertarianism that is palatable to those who will abandon us at the first sign of disagreement anyway.


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