Sunday, May 31, 2020

Smallest actions can have big effects

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for April 29, 2020)

It's a quirk of human nature that a crisis can bring people together, bring out our best, and give our lives meaning. Sure, it can also bring out the worst in some damaged people, but we can acknowledge their existence then continue to ignore them as insignificant.

A threat to life, liberty, and property is terrible, but you can find some good in it if you look. People love to unite against a common enemy, whether it's a virus or grotesque alien overlords from a galaxy far, far away, Washington DC, or Santa Fe.

Like them or not, the protests against the shut-downs are a show of unity between people who might otherwise have little in common. As are the hordes of people joining together online to complain about the protests.

There are others who ignore the political bickering; staying busy doing what they can to help. Legions of people are currently hunched over their sewing machines at home, whipping up face masks and gowns for those who want them. There are business owners all over the country exploring new ways to serve their customers, keep their businesses running and their employees employed.

What can you do?

Even if you don't quite know what to do, the smallest things can have big effects in your own life.

A walk in the sunshine and fresh air can make you feel like you're actively fighting the coronavirus. At least you're getting a little exercise, which is known to be one of the best ways to boost your immune system. Plus, letting others see you out doing something rather than cowering at home can encourage them that this is not the end.

Lending a hand when you find the opportunity has also been shown to help you while you help others.

I've been writing almost every day since 2006 to promote liberty and to encourage people to accept their responsibility to not violate others. Giving hope to those who value liberty, and trying to help people keep their heads together during these strange times, while others apparently want to stampede them, is something small I can do.

Do you feel as though your contributions to society are now more meaningful? If not, you may be missing out on something special. Something which will make you feel better while doing the same for those around you. It doesn't need to be something big. It's probably something you already know how to do.

Thank you for helping support

Pointers for rioters

The biggest problem with riots is that the participants don't seem to have a clear focus. They just rage against everyone, no matter whose side they may be on. In order to help them express themselves in a coherent manner, I offer these pointers.

Not everyone is your enemy. Not every person of a different "race". Not everyone who has more money than you. Not every business owner. Some people who would be on your side will be alienated if you violate their life, liberty, and property, just as you were alienated by someone violating the life, liberty, or property of the person who inspired your riot.

So, let me help you with that problem by laying out the legitimate targets of your rage, as opposed to the illegitimate targets which will only hurt your cause.

If you want to burn, destroy, and loot, stick to the legitimate targets and avoid the illegitimate ones.

Legitimate targets:
  • Police stations
  • Police cars
  • Police officers
  • Police officers' private property (purchased with YOUR money)
  • Courthouses
  • City hall
  • Federal buildings
  • Anyone who expresses support for police, including their family members who are members of that gang
Illegitimate targets:
  • Private businesses*
  • Private property
  • Individuals who are not copsuckers
  • Anything not associated with government
There are also some targets that I feel should be avoided for various reasons which may or may not make sense. I'm not even sure it makes sense to me, but here they are:
  • Libraries
  • Parks
  • Postal workers and post offices
*There's an asterisk beside "Private businesses" for a reason. A "private business" which goes out of its way to express support for the Blue Line Gang, perhaps by showing gang colors by flying one of those Blue Line Gang flags, or by posting signs which say "We support law enforcement"... those businesses have chosen to side against you and me.

Keep it on track and I'm on your side against legislation enforcers. And, I want to be on your side, so don't screw this up.

Writing to promote liberty is my job.
YOU get to decide if I get paid.
I hope I add something you find valuable enough to support.