Friday, October 27, 2023

It’s always something— with updates!

I’m on my way for an emergency visit to the Big City due to a detached retina. Ugh.

Update 4:21 pm: Surgery is done and my retina is hopefully repaired. Have to spend the night in town because the doctor doesn’t want me traveling that far. And I have a follow up appointment first thing in the morning. 

The surgery wasn’t as bad as I feared. Not that I want to do this again.

I’ll update again later.

UPDATE 10/28 12:14pm: I had my appointment at 6:00 am because the surgeon was heading out of town. The eyepatch was removed. He seemed satisfied with his work. I still have to spend the day face down. Tomorrow I can walk normally.

I can’t see anything other than light and shadows out of my left eye. He said that’s normal and my vision will return once my eye refills with vitreous humor. (I guess my eye is a gas balloon for now.)

I got home just after 8 this morning- in time to feed the porch kittens and give one of my indoor cats his hyperthyroidism medicine on schedule. The inside cats are happy to have me home. 

I’ve got 3 weeks of light duty ahead. 

“Should everyone carry a gun for self-defense at all times?”

Everyone? Probably not.

Toddlers (and those younger) are generally too weak to accurately aim and cycle the trigger.

Someone who is scared of guns or ignorant of how to properly use one shouldn’t carry a gun until shown how to correctly use one- which should happen immediately.

People in an MRI shouldn’t be carrying a gun.

Police and other government employees should not carry guns while on the job- if they need a gun, an armed bystander can step in to handle the situation.

Everyone else should be carrying at least one gun for self-defense at all times.

(I've had a hard day and I’m miserable, so I just copied a question and my answer from Quora. It seemed timely after the evil loser in Maine. Sorry for being lazy.)
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