Friday, June 21, 2024

"Authority" is unworthy of respect

One big difference between me and DemoCRAPublicans: I have no respect for authority. None. It sickens me to see those who do fawning over the people who insist they have authority.

Respect for authority only makes things easier for the evil people who claim to have it. They need you to comply and cooperate. If you respect them for their supposed "authority" you won't have the guts to defy or ignore them. Even when it's necessary that you do so.

I’m not talking about actual authority— expertise (which I do respect)— but of fakeauthority”. The kind that comes from political power. 

I have no respect for that kind of counterfeit "authority". I never have and never will. Whether the one wielding it is a govschool "teacher", a cop, a president, an authoritarian parent, a mayor, or a mugger who got the drop on me. The more they demand my respect, the less they'll get.

I might fake some respect if that's what it takes to not get shot or caged, but it will be 100% fake. In reality, I have nothing but contempt for such people.

Anyone who demands I respect such "authority" is not on the right side. They are assisting monsters in committing monstrous acts, no matter how moral they consider themselves to be. Ethical people don't fawn over authority, even if it's something they feel a sick desire to admire and obey.

I'll engage with you as an equal, unless you prove to me that you aren't my equal.
If you're an expert, and I can see it in you, I will defer to your expertise. Unless you demand I do.
If you demand I respect your "authority" you've proven that you are inferior and unworthy of respect.

Thank you for reading.