Wednesday, June 01, 2016


I admit I have probably not been the most pleasant person to be around recently. Family, dental/medical, personal, and financial problems just keep coming at me. And the people in my life seem to do their best to make it worse in any way possible. So, lots of stress lately.

I try not to take any of it out on those around me, nor let it color my blog posts, but it probably happens. I apologize for when it does. And I'll try to do better.

Things like this are why when I was a kid I wished I could get rid of emotions. Or at least control them like Mr. Spock or Sherlock Holmes.

To get rid of the bad emotions (or at least the ones that hurt), you'd be giving up the good ones, too. Maybe that's not a good enough trade.

Today I have the first of the dental work I need. Dentists are the closest thing I have to a phobia. I know it isn't sensible, but my brain doesn't always listen to what I know to be true.

Which means I should probably have more pity for statists whose brains don't want to listen to things they should know to be true.

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