Thursday, September 05, 2013


This is blog post #2800.  And about seven years worth of writing.

My very first post to this blog was made on September 3, 2006, and my first "real" post was written on September 5, 2006 (the previous posts were mostly attempts to figure out how to use the blog set-up).  Wow!  Never did I think I'd keep blogging this long.

The origins of this blog probably seem silly to most of you.  After all, it was in connection with my presidential campaign.  I've grown beyond such things since then.  Although, some people might have considered my admonition "Don't vote- but if you still feel the need to vote for someone, vote for me rather than throwing it away on someone else" to be a "not serious" campaign strategy from the first.

I almost ended the blog when I stopped actively campaigning (mostly due to conflicts and lack of familial support, and the potential for someone "at home" being a source of embarrassment- I've never really explained the reasons, and I'm not going to now beyond that).   I actually passed several "finish lines" over the years.  At one point I thought I'd probably stop after 100 posts.  (What more could I say after that?)  Then I thought I'd stop after one year.  Or two.  Or when I hit 1000 posts.  Now I realize I will keep on writing this blog until I have nothing more to say, or until no one reads it anymore.  Or until economic reality requires me to shut up about things that might make me unemployable.

Looking back over the years I see a lot of changes in my personal attitudes.  I hope that all the changes have been for the better, and toward a more complete understanding and acceptance of liberty.  I hope I am a better person because of this journey.

I am also reminded of some good times and some terrible times in my personal life.  When I read the things I wrote during those times, even when I never publicly spoke about them, the memories are triggered.  I remember what I was thinking and feeling.  I remember some times of despair and some times of great hope.

And, through it all, I understand that liberty is the right course.  Not only for myself, but for whoever might consider me their worst enemy.  I only get the liberty I am willing to respect in others- if even that.  But it's a path that is worth it.  It has proved that to me in so many ways, time after time.

I hope you experience that as well.

I also wish to send out a big "Thank you so much!" to all of you who have sent donations to help me continue this blog for this long!  I seriously wouldn't have been able to do this if not for your help and support.  Your donations are not only a huge financial help, but a powerful psychological boost as well.  Thanks again!