Friday, September 09, 2022

I hope this doesn't destroy the Universe!

Apparently, sometime in the future, I travel back in time to this week, in London, England... I'm not quite sure why. 

I offer the above photograph-- taken at a restaurant in the Tower of London on Tuesday, September 6, 2022, by my mother-- as proof. Obviously, that's "older me". I wonder where my hat is.

Maybe my presence there (and lack of a hat) has something to do with current events (which would be old history by the time I travel back). Perhaps I am there to change the timeline to prevent TEOTWAWKI somehow. I like to think so. You're welcome.


I wasn't going to mention that several family members are currently in Europe, but they seem to be constantly violating OpSec on social media, so I guess anything I say is not going to make things worse.

My youngest sister and her wife gave my parents this trip for Christmas last December. They spent a few days in Scotland, then arrived in London on Tuesday. Earlier yesterday they toured Buckingham Palace, then went to a restaurant to eat. 
They were there when the staff announced to the diners that the queen had died. This was at 6:30PM local time, just after it was announced by the "royal family". I got a text from my mother telling me the news 2 minutes later. (I've never been so promptly aware of something of that nature.) 
My sister and her wife then took a taxi back to the palace. They got there pretty early, but said the crowd was already big and growing fast. It soon got "crazy" huge. Roads all around the palace were being shut down and it started to rain, so they decided to leave while they still could.

So, they all got to the UK when it was ruled by a queen, and will leave it ruled by a king. And the Prime Minister changed while they were there, too. Maybe they should all go to Washington DC next-- maybe some changes would be triggered by their presence there, as well. I know what change I'd like to see.
I'm no fan of monarchy, but historical events do interest me somewhat.

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