Friday, March 20, 2020

Dr. State-nstein wants to experiment on your rights

I'm a fan of experimentation. To a point.

Not all experimentation is ethical-- especially when you're talking about human experimentation. You can't ethically "just try something" to see if it works if it would violate natural human rights. No matter how good an idea you imagine it to be.

Scott Adams is guilty of this form of loserthink whenever he promotes some anti-gun scheme, saying to let states try different types of "gun control" [sic] to see what "works". He says not supporting such an idea means you aren't "part of the conversation". Ha.

Yes, the states were supposed to be something like laboratories of liberty (of LIBERTY, not of tyranny); to see what sort of things might work better than others. But, there was never supposed to be any flirting with tyranny. That means no anti-gun legislation at all, ever. And no government-controlled medicine, prohibitions, curfews, etc.

If your experiment to see what "works" violates the natural rights of anyone you have no right to perform it, and if you do anyway, you are a monster.

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